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Blair Mcpherson

Blair Mcpherson


Blair McPherson was Director of Community Services at Lancashire County Council. He has worked as a Deputy Director in social services and as a senior manager in a large Housing Association. He has been a member of the Professional Executive Committee of three Primary Care Trusts and works closely with a range of organisations in the voluntary, community and not for profit sector. His management career started in Birmingham City Council where he acquired his passion for equality and diversity and his recognition of the need for high quality management. He is a regular contributor to the professional press with over 500 articles published. He is author of four books An Elephant in the Room: An Equality and Diversity Manual, UnLearning Management: Short stories on modern management , People Management in a Harsh Financial Climate and Equipping Mangers for an Uncertain Future published by


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  • Comment on: Individual need must be the focus of elderly care

    Blair Mcpherson's comment 17-Jul-2015 2:08 pm

    There seem to be an increasing number of understandings about what the intergration of health and social care is and the benefits it can achieve. This is the first time I have heard it argued that the intergration of health and social care is about getting greater numbers of older people into residential care. I hope it will be the last.

  • Comment on: Regulation isn't the answer - develop leaders across the board

    Blair Mcpherson's comment 16-Jul-2015 3:50 pm

    The idea of leadership at every level rather than one "heroic" leader who makes things happen by sheer force of personality has been the rhetoric within the NHS for a number of years but not as yet the practice.

  • Comment on: The NHS must be bold to stop devolution becoming a failed policy fad

    Blair Mcpherson's comment 15-Jul-2015 2:15 pm

    The Silo mentality in the NHS and LA 's is hard to shift. Just because housing and social services fall within the remit of the LA doesn't mean we no longer have homeless care leavers or that elderly people can move to very sheltered housing rather than a residential care home. Integration of health services is probably more of a game changer that integration of health and social care yet no government has so far been able to shifted the balance from hospital to primary care. And moving public health back to LA's from the NHS just seems like rearranging the deck chairs as the ship lists alarmingly.

  • Comment on: The four Budget must-knows to transforming care

    Blair Mcpherson's comment 8-Jul-2015 1:04 pm

    The government could ringfence LAs social care budget but councils already protect social services budgets and in any case ringfencing isn't compatible with devolving power. What chance intergration if neither NHS trusts or LAs trust each other not to shunt costs or re direct funds.

  • Comment on: Transform the culture of fear into a culture of learning

    Blair Mcpherson's comment 6-Jul-2015 4:15 pm

    NHS managers will tell you that Legal have told them that apologising could be seen as admitting liability and weaken the Trust's position in any subsequent negligence claim. Professionals in all areas of business don't like admitting they get it wrong but the medical profession has traditionally had more difficult than most. Hence the need for the GMC to issue new rules. Perhaps its the aura of infallibility consultants like to project, after all you do need to have absolute confidence in your surgeon, perhaps it's because if you take off the wrong leg it's a very big deal but a culture of not saying sorry runs through the NHS. Whether its managers fearing legal proceedings or clinicians protecting an image it can result in a reluctance to apologise for any mistake.

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