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The Harkness Fellows

The Harkness Fellows 2012-13Subscription

Established by the Commonwealth Fund and supported by the Nuffield Trust, Harkness Fellowships allow professionals to research health policy in the US. They blog their experiences and learning for HSJ and the Nuffield Trust. The 2012-13 fellows are Joan-Costa Font, Julia Murphy, Douglas Noble and Alexandra Norrish.

Harkness Fellows 2011-12 group

The Harkness Fellows: 2011-2012Subscription

Established by the Commonwealth Fund and supported by the Nuffield Trust and the National Institute for Health Research Service Delivery and Organisation Programme, Harkness Fellowships allow professionals to research health policy in the US. They blog their experiences and learning for HSJ and the Nuffield Trust.

Candy coated cartels, fear and loathing - is there a better way forward?

How might policymakers, regulators and healthcare leaders work constructively to produce an informed and proportionate competition regime applied to the NHS?

Accountable care organisations: revolution or business as usual?Subscription

The Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act in the US could have wide ranging implications for the future of healthcare. Or could it?

Will 2012 be the year of the accountable care organization?Subscription

Setting aside the controversy over reform, the hot topic for 2012 will be integrated care. In the US, accountable care organizations could help drive integration - as long as they are given time to demonstrate their value.

Just do it! (Subject to rules and regulations)Subscription

I’m only a couple of months into my year in the USA, but I’ve quickly picked up how things are done here.

Go Red Sox

Reflections as my year as a Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow 2010-2011 draws to a close..

Inadvertent integration?

Recent reports from the US and UK suggest primary care and hospitals merging on both sides of the Atlantic. But are we missing these opportunities to understand truly integrated care in the NHS?

Customer knows best ... ?

Keeping the customer happy is important in US healthcare - but at what cost?

Big Apple with the Big Heart

How US healthcare isn't all Wall Street ...

A week in the life of Harvard Business School

What top teaching tips can we learn from Harvard Business School and what exactly do we mean by value in health care anyway?

Houston we have a problem, can ACOs save us?

Dear HSJ reader, As a lover of all things health-related, I am delighted to introduce you to 2 American health care acronyms from across the pond: IHI and the ACO. I hope both will bring you joy this Christmas!

Trick or treat ...

The spectre of the US mid-term elections will be lingering well past Halloween. But are there any lessons in all this for how we handle our own health reforms?

Harkness Fellowships: road trip not included

Join the 2010-2011 Harkness Fellows as they set out on their year-long journey through the US health system

Don Berwick’s appointment to CMS and the politics of “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it”Subscription

Today, Don Berwick was sworn in as the new leader of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. While Berwick commands the widest respect, many feared that his appointment could be delayed or hampered in congressional hearings by opponents to health reform whose goal it is to make the countless next steps of implementing reform as difficult as possible.

US health care reform: I know it's over (and it never really began)Subscription

US legislators finally passed health care reform. Or, at least, extensive health care tinkering.

Brown bags Blue Hills as Coakley chokesSubscription

The US’s flirtation with liberalism lasted precisely one year, the time it took to go from staring doe-eyed at the newly inaugurated Barack Obama to sucking the face off model republican Scott Brown.

Tantalos a l’americaine, wellness incentives and (no end to?) medical underwritingSubscription

wellness incentives can be a useful part of prevention strategies, but proposals in the current health reform bills threaten to undermine affordability of care

Engaging with grace Subscription

What we spend on care at the end of life

Is the US ready for evidence based care?Subscription

What does the controversy about mammography screening tell us?

Thing One and Thing Two Subscription

Over the past few weeks the legislative spotlight has moved from the Senate to the House, and members of the lower house have been revelling in it.

Living with 'socialized medicine'Subscription

Targets have reduced waiting times, but how else do they affect care in a nationally funded health care system?