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Readers' letters

Letters to Health Service Journal's editor.
  • Senior South Devon trust manager resigns

    27-Aug-2014 10:32 pm

    Payment In Lieu Of Notice

  • Senior South Devon trust manager resigns

    27-Aug-2014 10:32 pm

    Payment In Lieu Of Notice

  • NHS England withdraws involvement from baby death probe

    27-Aug-2014 10:26 pm

    Humans make mistakes. If these are repetitive and not acknowledged then there is negligence. we need a system that allows us to admit we make mistakes and to learn from them. One overriding theme from these comment pages is that the NHS has a blame and destroy culture that inhibits admission of failing. This goes to the heart of how the NHS is now managed

  • Parking charges add insult to life threatening injury

    27-Aug-2014 8:27 pm

    We know that the Secretary of State is merely trying to pacify some Tory backbenches who seem to have accepted this morselas a significant change/improvement In reality it will make no/little difference We all know when the SoS is serious the message comes with deadlines/targets and penalities I dont see any in these guidelines

  • Trusts told to give staff some parking fee concessions

    27-Aug-2014 7:32 pm

    2.12 - this ignorance is where the MPs are coming from. Car parking charges fund resurfacing, security, lighting, CCTVs etc - plus any profits go back into patient care. Removing charging and you've just added 500m of pressure onto providers who are already drowning. Plus free parking would be full of commuters and shoppers!

  • Exclusive: Hospital trust sector deficit could breach £750m this year

    27-Aug-2014 5:12 pm

    If Jeremy Hunt is seriously thinking about implementing a 'health tax', it may be simpler to charge those people who use hospitals each time they park their cars there...oh hold on...

  • Michael White: What the Scottish vote means for the NHS

    27-Aug-2014 2:30 pm

    In pursuit of Glasgow's Labour vote Alex Salmond made a lot of the threat to the NHS in Debate II with Alistair Darkling who was caught as I said - above - he might be by Labour's tactics in England.... Here's an SNP press release: For immediate release: Tuesday 26 August 2014 Attn: NEWSDESKS/POLITICAL CORRESPONDENTS COMMITMENT TO NHS CLEAR AS STAFFING AT RECORD HIGH YES VOTE WILL PROTECT NHS FOR GENERATIONS New figures published today show staffing levels are at a record high thanks to Scottish Government commitment to our NHS. The figures, released by ISD Scotland, show that the NHS Scotland workforce has increased by almost 7 per cent to a record high, with over 8,800 more whole time equivalent (WTE) staff. Figures also show waiting time targets are being met with more patients being treated more quickly than ever before, NHS patient satisfaction on the rise and improved A&E treatment times. While the Tory Westminster Government remains obsessed with privatisation and cuts to the NHS south of the border, the Scottish Government is committed to keeping the NHS in public hands. However, in the event of a No vote, Scotland’s health budget would come under increasing pressure as a result of knock on impacts of the sell-of south of the border. Labour MPs – including Alistair Darling himself – have previously stated that the NHS south of the border is under threat. Labour shadow health secretary Andy Burnham has warned that five more years of Tory privatisation will “push the NHS off the cliff-edge”. Welsh Labour health minister Mark Drakeford has also spoken out about the impact of Tory cuts on devolved budgets, highlighting the threat to the Welsh health budget. Welcoming the figures, SNP MSP Michael Matheson said: “These excellent figures show exactly why it is so important to protect our NHS and keep it in public hands – the number of NHS staff is now at an all time high, with a record number of nurses and consultants. “This has only been possible because of Scottish Government commitment to and investment in our NHS. “We simply cannot risk the threat a No vote poses to our NHS – as Labour’s shadow health secretary Andy Burnham has pointed out, five more years of Tory privatisation will ‘push the NHS off a cliff edge’. And Welsh Labour health Mark Drakeford has highlighted the threats posed to the Welsh health budget. “A Yes vote gives us the opportunity not only to protect our NHS budget, but also to enshrine our health service in the constitution of an independent Scotland, keeping it in public hands for future generations of Scots. “Scotland is waking up to the one opportunity a Yes vote brings us to protect our NHS – next month I believe they will grab it with both hands.” ENDS Notes The statistics on NHS staffing are available here: Quotes from Labour politicians on Tory threats to the NHS can be found here:

  • Ambulance staff to hold two strikes

    27-Aug-2014 2:06 pm

    No matter what the situation is this is DISGRACEFUL behaviour from UNITE.

  • Hunt backs legal measure to ease creation of 'super CCGs'

    27-Aug-2014 12:21 pm

    5.55pm, this only becomes a problem as the burden of bureaucracy increases, just look at the BCF as an example and the waste of money that has gone in to that and has been replicated 200+ times around the country involving all the local organisations involved in it. If you add the LAs, providers, csus all involved in this bureaucracy, I'm sure its not where the tax payer wants to spend their money on 'health'.

  • Medicalising common ailments is one of healthcare's greatest threats

    27-Aug-2014 10:21 am

    Excellent Kailish. And of course such an approach would need more emphasis on public health and prevention......

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