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Readers' letters

Letters to Health Service Journal's editor.
  • Monitor to 'help FT become an integrated care organisation'

    14-Sep-2014 9:41 pm

    I would be interested to know the provenance of the "experts" given that its a matter of public record that only 11 of 327 of Monitor employees have any frontline clinical experience and many have been recruited in from management consultants. If the experts are managers and clinicians with a proven track record of organisational and service leadership and turnaround then fair enough - but are they? Monitor usually "helps" organisations by harassing exec level leaders or making them commission consultancy reports from their old (and doubtless future) colleagues in that sector - the definition of unhelpfulness and a scandalous waste of taxpayers' money at a time of austerity and pay freezes david

  • Good sexual health requires a whole system approach to commissioning

    14-Sep-2014 11:00 am

    Good points here, but often the reality is that local provisions is often based on historic and out of date arrangements/provision. The lack of focus on outreach to marginalised groups of patients; continued dependence on hospital based provision (rather than locally accessed services on the high street) and providers not collaborating in the same geography has to change. It is no wonder public health commissioners are putting services out to tender to solve these issues. One collaboration that is desperately needed is that public health professionals in local government and HIV commissioners in NHS England need to work from the same basis and plan service development together.

  • The ‘NHS factor’ could clinch it for Scottish independence

    14-Sep-2014 8:36 am

    As someone of Scottish ancestry I obviously agree with Anon 10:36's comment about hardiness. However, I remember a very senior Scottish NHS figure describing it somewhat differently to me as "fatalism" - in which the much of the population took little responsibility for their own health and when the inevitable happened (without blaming anyone but themselves) gratefully collapsed into the arms of the NHS. He said this attitude was Scotland's biggest health challenge. Alastair

  • Summer's waiting list initiative lost without trace

    13-Sep-2014 6:38 pm

    What went wrong .... The problems causing patients to wait this long can't be solved by a sudden cash injection as they are typically long-term resourcing problems. The Summer months are when planned reduction in activity usually takes place. People are on leave. Changing this Mid-May is impossible. No one is therefore around to undertake extra work. This was never going to work, and demonstrates a severe lack of understanding of day-to-day Acute Activity.

  • Private hospitals should not be singled out on patient safety

    13-Sep-2014 12:26 pm

    Apologies for coming to this discussion rather late. I chair the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) mentioned by Fiona Booth in her piece. We are a non-for-profit company limited by guarantee working at arms length from the private providers. Fiona mentioned the recent Competition and Markets Authority report which, amongst other things, is mandating all private hospitals (and NHS pay bed units) to submit admin and clinical data (including PROMs) to PHIN so that properly validated comparative data (both cross sector and against NHS HES data) can be published on its developing website. I was involved in lobbying for this outcome having called myself for a more level playing field across the two sectors for many years; we intend now to make that happen. Not least because most of the patients are UK citizens who have been referred from NHS primary care and return there after treatment leaving a data gap in between but also, of course, taking some load off the NHS in between.

  • Stevens to Burnham: 2006 law ‘prevents NHS tendering ban’

    13-Sep-2014 10:42 am

    Too many 'jobs for the boys' depend on the pretence that 'tendering' delivers the best outcome for it ever to be scrapped......

  • How to cure the symptoms of staff underperformance

    13-Sep-2014 8:53 am

    I think that the comment from David Oliver of 4th Sep says all that needs to be said about the problems with management in the NHS. Attitudes, understanding and the ability to comment intelligently are severely compromised, not supported and/ or required. Good management isn't often a focus for resource or a development priority. Many managers are promoted clinicians/ operational staff and have had insufficient management training and/ or are in the right club and their face fits. As a manager in the NHS lets stop being defensive about it, get real and get on with it. If you think that the lady writing this piece has nothing to add, you should offer to go and shadow her and see what developed management in the private sector looks like. We might be able to learn something to secure and improve quatlity of services and also deliver something that looks like value for money to the tax payers.

  • NHS Employers appoints new chief

    13-Sep-2014 8:07 am

    Anon 3.53 For me answer is simple. Track record of true equality and diversity in his previous organisation and what his staff tell about him as a leader. Every leader must have feedback from those who are affected by their leadership. Value based leaders live and breathe their values and results reflects those values. So far what I have read comments about Danny really gives me some hopes and I really want to congratulate him.

  • Exclusive: CCG interest in 'any qualified provider' scheme dwindles

    13-Sep-2014 3:21 am

    In response to Anon 3.55pm, small independent providers often have an even smaller percentage spend on management than the NHS and have to buy in resources to bid for tenders - an investment decision has to be made as to whether to bid or not. Not all independent providers are large corporates with business development departments. In response to Anon 1.09pm why is it a bad thing if age-related hearing loss is now dealt with properly when it clearly was not before? Audiology is based on GP referral and requires a full hearing assessment before aids are fitted. A good outcome for many older people,

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