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Readers' letters

Letters to Health Service Journal's editor.
  • Leaked report exposes Staffordshire's 'oppressive culture'

    2-Mar-2015 2:11 pm

    Whilst these behaviours are unacceptable, the follow up questions should be - what led people (who had been selected for leadership roles) to behave in this way? - why were these behaviours either not noticed and or tolerated by those to whom they were accountable?

  • It's a historic day for Manchester, but not a 'town hall takeover'

    2-Mar-2015 1:56 pm

    Re Mary’s question on whether the quoted £6bn will be the final figure, this point is addressed in a footnte to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) document. The introduction (Section 1) of the MOU refers to the need for “a more integrated approach to the use of the existing health and care resources - around £6bn in 2015/16" . Later in the document, at footnote 7 (vii), the MOU states that “ Funding for the NHS beyond 2015/16 will be agreed at the next spending review”. So the answer to this question would seem to be yes for 2015/16 but no for future years - or more pedantically that there is no information on what the figure will be in future years (i.e. it has not been decided whether it will be £6bn or some other figure).

  • Midlands trust launches independent bullying inquiry

    2-Mar-2015 1:56 pm

    25% seemed to be pretty much the national average. Very little is being invested in decent people management under the current regime. Too many CEOs have taken their eye off the ball on this issue. The trouble is, these sorts of figures mask cultures of blame, collusion, cover up and unsafe practice.

  • Exclusive: Lamb proposes single department for health and social care

    2-Mar-2015 1:53 pm

    I suppose this is preferable to Osborne's top down reorganisation by post code or increments (or should that be decrements!)

  • Exclusive: Manchester deal criticised for lack of GP involvement

    2-Mar-2015 1:46 pm

    This is a huge step for the health and social care economy in Greater Manchester and well done to those who have negotiated to make this happen. I agree that GPs should be involved in this as an important service provider, but general practice does not have a means to engage at a strategic level. It would be just impossible for the 500 practices across Greater Manchester, despite a huge workforce, to be able to achieve change on such a large scale. This issue will continue to hinder the whole integration agenda until general practice is able to participate in strategic change, via, for example GP provider organisations, 'super-practices', GP federations or 'chains' of practices with a lead. So, yes, let's have general practice around the top tables, but the structures just aren't there yet.

  • NEW Devon accused of conflict of interest in £100m contract award

    2-Mar-2015 1:44 pm

    Sounds like they are quoting clauses in SI 500. A possible complaint to CMA in the making. Trusts placed into the market status will tend to pursue 'enterprise' style survival or self interest lines.

  • The way the NHS manages A&E problems is not fit for purpose

    2-Mar-2015 1:37 pm

    Absolutely right. And more to the point we have known about this for a long time - in 2013 the Health Select Committee said that on Urgent Care we are 'Flying Blind'. para 30 The system cannot accurately analyse the cause of the problem, still less resolve it, if it continues to "fly blind". More accurate information about the causes of rising service pressures is not simply a management convenience; it is fundamental to the delivery of high quality care. It shouldn't be any surprise that the headless chickens are coming home to roost. What are DH/ NHSE and Monitor doing about it?

  • Manchester NHS calls for regulation shake-up after devolution deal

    2-Mar-2015 1:24 pm

    the sooner we see some detail re this the better. Who (names! ) will be accountable for delivery and oversight of commissioning. What is success going to look like? Less A and Es in GM?

  • Avoiding injustice: why HSJ is not publishing the names of 'unfit' NHS directors

    2-Mar-2015 12:17 pm

    Hello George The F&P test is intended to prevent 'unfit' people being employed by the NHS, so would not be relevant to those who have retired. Alastair

  • Private sector with public spirit: a Swiss alternative to Hinchingbrooke

    2-Mar-2015 11:53 am

    Yet another advert for the private sector an informercial I think they called ? , would be nice to have the contrary opinion here as well as to how AMEOS don't work or problems they cause. The market is not the answer , lest we forget we have the NHS because the market did not provide and it's perfectly legitimate to say private profit is not the way. Unless of course your running a private healthcare company looking to expand into the UK.

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