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Readers' letters

Letters to Health Service Journal's editor.
  • NICE director: NHS England 'didn't like answer' on safe staffing

    7-Jul-2015 4:19 pm

    Hello Tom My reading (and I was chairing the session) was that Mark was saying that in the days before the kind of intensive scrutiny the NHS operates under at the moment - it compromised safety to cut costs. Alastair

  • Exclusive: Plan to combine regulators and safety in single 'new body'

    7-Jul-2015 4:11 pm

    Hello Anon 3:44 We did indeed break the news of the 'closer working'. Shaun's story contains more details of the 'merger' - esp of patient safety & improvement. Alastair

  • Social enterprise publishes clinical data via online database

    7-Jul-2015 3:48 pm

    What a fabulous step forward. Well done.

  • Exclusive: Cornwall set for NHS integration-devolution deal

    7-Jul-2015 3:45 pm

    This is the place where currently there are separate tenders being developed by council and ccg for children's services. If they can't integrate to get an agreement between commissioners on this how on earth can they move to this?

  • Exclusive: Letters show how CCGs directed to up activity plans

    7-Jul-2015 3:26 pm

    Hello anon 3.16 - very interested in learning more about this. If anyone knows more please get in touch confidentially: or 020 3033 2780.

  • Exclusive: Barbara Hakin to retire

    7-Jul-2015 3:06 pm

    Have posted critically about Barbara Hakin here on HSJ several times in the past. Cannot say 100% for sure, but the majority were removed. She appears to have a very thin skin indeed. It beggars (well at least my) belief that she was allowed to stay on as long as she has. Sorry, but a eulogy from Jim Easton smacks of sycophancy, not a genuine appreciation of the damage Hakin has wrought over the years. Easton foisted the useless and hated QIPP on every frontline clinician, then left for Care UK in the 'independent' sector.

  • Bennett: FTs must cut deficit or face 'completely eroded' freedoms

    7-Jul-2015 2:17 pm

    The money going into health (from tax revenues) doesn't cover the costs of providing services (for an ingreasingly larger and older population) = deficit. It's as simple as that This is despite very good work by providers for 5 years or more to cut costs where possible. No one in the current health system (commissioner, provider or regulator) is really to blame for where we are now. They have all done their best (IMHO). The only 2 options are: 1) Put more money in 2) Change what is provided / how services are provided Option 1 requires a tax hike Option 2 will take a lot of time and seems more like a theory / hope rather than a guaranteed solution. Take your pick - just stop bickering and in fighting!

  • Foundation model faces 'challenges' - Monitor chief

    7-Jul-2015 2:12 pm

    There is nothing wrong with the FT model. It is predominantly about strong governance and local accountability. The suggestion that it was founded on 'growth' is an odd statement, is someone getting confused with PFI? I am also not sure quite how DB can assess that FTs have not 'accelerated' away from the rest - it really depend how one measures this. Surely he wasn't expecting bigger and bigger surpluses. FTs are after all social enterprises, so we should keep surpluses to the minimum and keep improving our services - many of us feel that we have been doing just that DESPITE a rather King Canute approach to tariff.

  • Exclusive: National director says NHS 'can’t afford' new drugs

    7-Jul-2015 12:02 pm

    Perhaps this is just a signal to Big Pharma that the profits will be in moving away from 'blockbuster drugs' and towards 'apps' to monitor and prescribe (and replace GPs). Big Pharma know this already, of course, and much policy ('right care, right place right time') has already been put in place to smooth this transition for them.

  • The five trends shaping the US healthcare system

    7-Jul-2015 9:36 am

    They're quite different from a HMO - check your facts. Not all ACOs are equal - just as not all GPs are equal. But I've seen a good ACO at work and they're delivering great public health via primary care - taking primary care beyond the vital early diagnosis function to where prevention is in-grained; keeping their community well, making co-production a reality, getting patients out of hospital quickly and safely - sorting their meds and making sure they don't go back in unless it's the right thing to do. The public doesn't want consultations on stuff it doesn't fully understand and can't influence (unless it's via an election and even then...) - it wants the highly paid architects/clinicians in the system to do their job and deliver joined up care. and it wants the politicians to stop tinkering around the edges.

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