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Dr Paul Worthington

Dr Paul Worthington

Cwm Taf CHC

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  • Comment on: Thirty years on – the NHS returns to retail for inspiration on leadership

    Dr Paul Worthington's comment 17-Feb-2014 11:37 am

    Can we get someone senior in the NHS to run an eye over M and S please ? Their men's clothing range is rubbish.

  • Comment on: Vasco-Knight suspended with immediate effect

    Dr Paul Worthington's comment 12-Feb-2014 2:58 pm

    I want to say just a couple of things: - I haven't seen all the details of this case, but there are clearly serious issues relating to candour and protection of all staff, including who raise concerns. These issues clearly merit serious analysis and discussion - anaonymised character assassination and snide comments don't help that serious discussion - my Doctorate (if anyones interested) is in Medieval History and I worked hard for it; I use the title but I make it clear that I'm not a clinician. It's never caused any problems, as far as I'm aware. I really thibnk there are more important issues at stake here than people's titles

  • Comment on: Minister backs commissioning-only care role for councils

    Dr Paul Worthington's comment 16-Jan-2014 10:34 am

    Stephen Useful comment but yiou're missing the point slightly. The business sector isn't always an accurate analogy. If I buy a housr or a a car then I've a firect suppliet-customer relationship. However, in healthcare, commissioning bodies act a lot of the time as a proxy customer, purchasing on behalf of customers. It's not as direct a relationshop. Now, if we want to shift to a more direct cistomer-cipplier relationshop, we can do in some (maybe quite a few) areas. But if we're talking emergency admission, for example, the relationship will always be quite different from the traditional customer-supplierbv relationship. My own view is that the language isn't always as important as we make it. What we need to talk about is decision-making pathways, and be clear about pragmatically where responsibility for decisions lies, and where we can (and should) attempt to shift that responsibility from where it is now.

  • Comment on: NHS Wales chief takes top job at East Midlands trust

    Dr Paul Worthington's comment 8-Jan-2014 11:14 am

    Wow. Week two of the year and HSJ has a Welsh NHS story (in spite of the fact that least year we had major issues around hospital reorganisation, patient deaths from CDiff resultaing in Chair and Board step-downs, major reports on the Wwelsh ambulance service etc etc. All of which went unnoticed in HSJ). We're still here guys and gals

  • Comment on: Patient feedback is essential to the NHS's future

    Dr Paul Worthington's comment 3-Oct-2013 10:15 am

    Nusrat You make excellent points. Only a few caveats. I would argue that the dynamic and task of securing feedback from patients is more complex than for a supermarket. I know from talking to patients they feel far more comfortable about responding negatively on a somewhat impersonal shopping experience than they would for the very personal (and identifiable) experience that care involves. I'm very happy to look at ways round that, but let's not pretend they are automatically equivalents. Equally, everything that Kaiser does in terms of getting feedback and generally running the organisation comes with a cost which I'm not sure we can meet. However, I am fully behind the arguement for using patient experience for improving care. We've still got Community Health Councils here in Wales, and we're trying (not always successfully) to hear what people think about their services. But we're small in staffing and resources and many people don't know about us. I do sometimes think that we concentrate on ways that we can get feedback from as many people as possible with not very good techniques Friend and family ?), rather than on smaller numbers with much more useful and accessible (but sometimes more time-consuming) approaches. Maybe we need to focus on what's best, rather than easiest

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