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Patrick Newman's Comments

  • Comment on: The three ways to drive transformational change in the NHS

    Patrick Newman's comment 18-Nov-2014 2:47 pm

    There is very little to disagree in this article but then there is very little said. The exception is the penultimate paragraph. PS -Elderly population - at 17% 65 and over we are 'better' off than Germany, Italy and one or two other countries in the EU not to mention Japan!

  • Comment on: Exclusive: Delayed transfer rate soars to highest level

    Patrick Newman's comment 18-Nov-2014 2:36 pm

    How can it be said that DTOC is "wholly" flawed. What metrics for hospital and social care does not have some subjective element - try bed occupancy! It seems that 11:53 and 1:39 (cant you think of a funky name) is an exercise in sophisticated denial of a problem because fault can be found with definitions and applications. The denial extends to ignorance of the impact of steep cuts to elderly social care and if anything the 'alleged' increase is modest. Cuts to social care (that will absorb a significant part of BCF) is leading to more admissions which with the elderly means average bed occupation time goes up. Bed blockers were a problem in the nineties but now we prefer the more technically acceptable term of Delayed Transfers of Care - there is more of it to come.

  • Comment on: Prevention is a better investment than cure

    Patrick Newman's comment 14-Nov-2014 10:34 am

    Has Buckinghamshire had immunity from the severe cuts to social care following a loss of 40% in central government funding. So for example do the peripatetic care workers have the freedom to spend time with clients when needs must? This would help prevent or reduce admissions to acute facilities. There of course significant limitations on what CCG's and Councils can do. True prevention involves the whole health service and government tackling the causes of ill health like the excess of salt, sugar and fat in the average person's diet.

  • Comment on: HSJ Live 13.11.2014: Hunt sets out proposals for £10bn savings

    Patrick Newman's comment 13-Nov-2014 5:46 pm

    Tough on agency staff bills - tough on the causes of agency staff bills? Do shared services actually save money? Who will do the sharing?

  • Comment on: Prime contractor model looks old before its time

    Patrick Newman's comment 12-Nov-2014 1:32 pm

    Bedford and West Sussex are continuing to be troublesome. Alastair's penultimate paragraph makes a key point. CCG's are 'selling' their role. Integrators and primary contractor are not the same thing. Patient flows have to be managed at the same time the scheme of integration developed and laid down. Wont happen without intervention. CCG's, which a pale shadow of the former PCT's, in handing out change management contracts to the private sector are offering the 'honey pot' to Pooh Bear and his extended family.

  • Comment on: Dig up the foundations of our health economy

    Patrick Newman's comment 12-Nov-2014 12:49 pm

    There are major strategic reasons for abandoning the FT model. The impending deficit may be temporary and reflect the the squeeze on the NHS budget which results from political choices. An externally regulated 'managed' market and FT's complement each other and is a major constraint on the rational planning of services and resources. This article is good for discussion though.

  • Comment on: Three more trusts impose out of area referral restrictions

    Patrick Newman's comment 11-Nov-2014 12:28 pm

    Clearly money is not 'following' the patient and it is the quasi market system that needs looking at. One thing is a general increase in demands for which there is no general increase in funding. However in the case of patients wishing to exercise their choice who should look the reasons. The mythical holy grail of patient choice perhaps needs to be actively 'managed'.

  • Comment on: The five year forward view dares us to hope

    Patrick Newman's comment 5-Nov-2014 3:47 pm

    Anon 1:25 I am using later figures and also a forecast for the UK GDP in 2017 of 1,870bn which in present circumstances is optimistic. If we take 2014 GDP is expected to run out at £1,575bn but the UK NHS budget is £127bn or a lot less than 9% so what is clear is the disparity on some of these figures or there is a UN definition that explain the difference. What is reasonable is a progression to the 10% and that the budget should grow at about the same rate as the economy growth rate in real terms. Whatever the resolution of the position the so called gap is eminently fillable!

  • Comment on: The five year forward view dares us to hope

    Patrick Newman's comment 5-Nov-2014 11:38 am

    It would be helpful if politicians and others would refrain from using the word unsustainable when it comes to the future funding of the NHS. Spending just 10% of GDP on health would more than double the sum needed to cover the so called £30bn gap. And when talking about the ageing population time bomb, to balance this with the fact that at 17% we have a much lower proportion over 65 than Germany or Italy (plus a few others).

  • Comment on: Council refuses to sign off integration plan

    Patrick Newman's comment 4-Nov-2014 12:28 pm

    It would have been helpful for the CCG to have explained why it withheld this money. Submitting the plan before sign off looks like defiance and does not bode well for good joint working.

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