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The People Manager

Blair McPherson is a former local authority director and author of a number of management books, including Equipping Managers for an Uncertain Future and An Elephant in the Room. Follow him on Twitter: @blairmcpherson1

All posts from: April 2011

The casualties of workplace conflict aren't just the staff

Posted by Blair McPhersonThu, 21 Apr 2011

Anxiety over the reforms is heightening conflict in the workplace, and that conflict is threatening to spill over into the quality of care.

Graduates need more than a degree from the university of life

Posted by Blair McPhersonWed, 20 Apr 2011

Why linking up practices and surgeries with local schools could help produce the next generation of medical graduates.

Getting the message across

Posted by Blair McPhersonWed, 20 Apr 2011

With the reforms attempting to introduce competition into almost all facets of the NHS, it’s time for marketing in the health service to get with the times.

Stuck in the middle

Posted by Blair McPhersonMon, 18 Apr 2011

Being in middle management often requires evasive action to avoid friendly fire from both directions.

Learning the management lingo

Posted by Blair McPhersonThu, 7 Apr 2011

Ambitious managers need to learn a certain type of language to get ahead - the rest of us just need to try and work out what they’re saying.

When looking the part goes too far

Posted by Blair McPhersonFri, 1 Apr 2011

It’s always said that appearances can be decieving - but surely looking your best for your employer should never be frowned upon?