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Opinion and Debate

Jeanelle de Gruchy

Councils put the public health ethos into practice

A year since the transfer of public health

Michael White

Michael White: Attacks on Welsh NHS smack of opportunism

Pre-election politics in full effect

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Rob Findlay

January 2014 waits: More patients choose to delay treatment

Delays tip trusts into target breach

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David Hunter

Give local solutions a chance to improve care

Lessons from a North East project

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Sean Duggan

Mental health cost cutting is a false economy

The economics of investing in mental health

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Michael White

Michael White: Let go of 'command and control'

Jeremy Hunt can’t stop interfering in the health service

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Stephen Thornton

Stephen Thornton: The NHS of the past was a foreign country

The ‘good old days’ never existed

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Future of NHS Leadership – the panel

Introducing the Future of NHS Leadership inquiry team

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Making the better care fund even better

Better care fund submission deadline passes

Older woman and younger woman, nurse, smiling at each other

A cuppa and a chat could drive down service use

Is loneliness inflating healthcare demand?

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social care

Why we need a single budget for health and social care

Meeting care needs needs hard choices

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The charge of the membership brigade

Call for a National Health and Care Service membership fee


Good luck with the new job, Simon. Here's your to-do list…

Experts outline the biggest issues facing the new NHS England chief

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Nigel Edwards

Small hospitals still have their place

Let’s challenge assumptions about reconfiguration

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Your Humble Servant

Your Humble Servant: His Way

And now, the end is near…

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Blair McPherson

I don’t want to be a consumer, I'm happy to be a patient

Doctor may know best on medical decisions, but they should still treat patients as adults

USA flag

The NHS should resist the American way

There are too many cultural differences for US business methods to translate into success in the UK public sector


Florida: the future of older people's care?

In the US, there is a bizarre lack of nursing homes

Your Humble Servant

Your Humble Servant: His Way

And now, the end is near…

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