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Opinion and Debate

Rob Findlay

It's time to stop incentives for perverse waiting list management

It’s time Jeremy Hunt delivers on his promises

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Alan Maynard

NICE is invaluable to NHS decision makers

The government undermines its important work

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James Tout

The ‘NHS factor’ could clinch it for Scottish independence

Yes campaign is appealing to the national psyche

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Rob Webster

Don't fuel fear, build on existing good practice for open NHS culture

The next Francis report should be required reading

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Summer's waiting list initiative lost without trace

July’s data shows waiting times have got worse

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Fever pitch football

End Game: Regulation reaches fever pitch

‘Friendly competition’ gets serious

Your Humble Servant

Your Humble Servant: economics vs politics

“Hunt makes promises and demands to spend”

Johnny Marshall

2015 is last chance saloon for the health service

We can still make the NHS a great service

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Kim Holt

It's time we did the right thing by the children of Rotherham

The response has been unbearably slow

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Michael White

The Barker report provides some much needed rationality

The NHS is heading into uncharted territory

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Jeremy Taylor

Let's challenge politicians' 'patients first' rhetoric

People are still getting left behind by ‘the system’


Why I went on the 300 mile march to save the NHS

We oppose the government’s treatment of the NHS

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Fiona Booth

Private hospitals should not be singled out on patient safety

Independent providers have a good safety record

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End Game cartoon

End Game: Smoking hot offer

End Game was flattered to receive a job oportunity from the CQC

Julian Le Grand

The idea of charging for care may have been killed for good

The Barker commission delivers a huge blow

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Michael White

The NHS is a campaigning tool on both sides of the border

The service is a key topic in Scotland and England

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