Bill Moyes, executive chair, Monitor

Monitor is growing in such strength and influence that NHS chief executive David Nicholson this year saw fit to remind foundation trusts that it is their commissioners, rather than their risk based regulator, to whom they should be most accountable.

With over 130 foundation trusts now established, the government has reiterated its commitment that the foundation model is the only future for NHS provider organisations. So it is inevitable Mr Moyes’ influence will increase with each new authorisation.

Mr Moyes has always been a critical friend of the organisations he regulates - vociferous about their independence from the DH while reminding them that this independence needs to be constantly justified through good and improving performance on patient safety and public accountability.

Meanwhile the rest of the world has caught up with what has always been at the centre of the former banker’s approach to regulation at Monitor. So much so in fact that there has even been talk of foundations lending their surpluses back to the increasingly cash-strapped government. And there is talk that under a Conservative government, Mr Moyes could be the next NHS chief executive.