First Richard III’s body was found under a council car park, now Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust has made a sensational discovery of equally historic proportions.

End Game was astonished to receive a trust press release explaining how an £8m renovation project at Hull Royal Infirmary led to “a piece of history which has been hidden for the last 50 years” coming to light.

“Contractors working on the exterior of the Hull Royal Infirmary tower block have discovered an old filling knife lodged in the concrete of the original building,” it explained.

Concrete repairer Keiron Barwick was the lucky man who found the artefact, 40ft from the ground.

“For a moment I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but it is a really important find as it helps to tell the story of the work which was done here some 50 years ago,” he said.

The knife is inscribed with a letter M or W and the trust hopes the tradesman to whom it once belonged will get in touch, though End Game hopes they do not demand it back because the trust clearly treasures this item.

“The knife will shortly be added to the trust’s existing collection of artefacts from the opening of the HRI tower block in 1963 which includes a visitors book signed by Her Majesty The Queen,” the press release concludes. 

In these cash-strapped times, End Game shudders to comprehend the security bill that Hull and East Yorkshire faces keeping its collection safe.