What’s in a name? End Game ponders not the name a celebrity might give their first born child – that’s way too easy. The name is selected to attract the most tabloid column inches.

No, End Game is contemplating, not for the first time, the meaning of the names given to NHS initiatives, and, more specifically, how on earth commissioners in Peterborough have contrived to make a community care project sound like some sort of sinister Mafia-style collective of thugs and hit men.

The project, which ran for six months last year, supported older people to stay in the community to receive medical help, avoid emergency hospital admission where possible and support early discharge from hospital.

Excellent news. But why on earth is it called “The Firm”?

If End Game was told that Great Uncle Ronald had been having a few problems of late but, not to worry, because “The Firm” was stepping in to sort him out, relief that a more integrated approach to the old boy’s care was being taken would not be the first thought that crossed our mind.