RESEARCH: The Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire primary care trust cluster has been awarded almost £1m to support clinical research.

The Research Capability Funding from the National Institute of Health Research is the largest such award made to any primary care trust cluster.

Awards are made to NHS organisations which demonstrate a high number of NIHR research projects in their area and a commitment to ongoing research excellence. Research projects include the First-aid Advice Safety Training scheme, looking at possible interventions to reduce injuries in children, and an investigation into whether better access to methadone helps heroin addicts beat their addiction.

It is hoped that this funding will improve both the number of research projects in a range of disease areas and their quality.

Cluster chief exacutive Deborah Evans said: “This award reflects the dynamism, innovation and commitment of those in the NHS and our partners across the research community.

“This money will enable us to support and manage more research projects that will tackle some for the major issues we face today as a health community – cancer, dementia, depression and many more. Winning this award is another step towards this area becoming one of the best places for health research in the country.”