PERFORMANCE: NHS Bury is now receiving daily notifications about incidences of Clostridium difficile from Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust, in a drive to tackle rates of infection in the area, clinical commissioners report.

Bury clinical commissioning group’s latest assurance report states that NHS Bury’s “cumulative reported position for June is 24 against a target of 18”, and that “therefore status is currently failed”.

It adds: “July position is also currently on red (31 against a target of 23).”

The report goes on to say that progress “has been made” on C difficile recovery plans for the North East Manchester sector and Bury, with “key areas for action around antibiotic prescribing and case management”.

Among these, it states, the PCT is now receiving “daily notifications of incidence” from PAHT, the trust is “working to provide patient notes as quickly as possible after discharge”, and monthly reviews of GP antibiotic prescribing are being carried out.