PERFORMANCE: The foundation reported 36 incidents leading to injuries which lasted more than three days to the Health and Safety Executive in 2010-11, board papers show.

Calderstones’ annual health and safety report showed that incidents leading to three-day injuries dropped last year, from a five year peak of 45 in 2009-10. The foundation reported 31 such injuries in 2008-09, 38 in 2007-08, and 31 in 2006-07.

In the past financial year Calderstones also received two improvement notices from the HSE relating to a Liquid Petroleum Gas Tank installed on one of its sites.

“The notices require precautionary work to be undertaken to replace underground pipe which may corrode and leak with non-corrodible pipe,” the health and safety report said.

“The HSE have given a long compliance period in recognition of the fact that the trust plans to relocate and replace the tanks as part of the development to extend the unit’s secure garden area.”