WORKFORCE: In replies to a consultation, staff at the north London primary care trust questioned whether the new north central London PCT cluster would be “top heavy with a high number of senior posts”.

A report on the re-organisation of the five PCTs in the cluster reported staff responses to the moves that will see the 764 whole time equivalent posts reduced to 370.

Among the main issues raised by staff were “the number of managerial layers in many of the structures and the relative lack of administrative posts”, and “concerns there won’t be enough capacity after April 1”.

In response to the first issue, the cluster said: “As this effectively is an arrangement established to transfer exisitng PCT functions to new arrangements it cannot be compared with the establishment of a new organisation with a stable future.

“This in part drives the need for sufficient director and senior management posts, as they will be effectively leading a change management process whilst at the same time delivering a very challenging and complex agenda.”

In response to the point about lack of capacity under the new arrangement, the document said: “There will be less capacity in the new system and we will all need to change our working practices.”