Leadership in Mental Health

Sean Duggan

A state of emergency for mental healthcare

Police cells are used 9,000 times each year as ‘places of safety’ for people detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act

The new NHS can transform mental health care

Under the NHS mandate, new commissioners have the chance to improve mental health care throughout the NHS.


What the Francis report means for mental healthcare

The Francis report’s recommendations will have a huge impact on all parts of the NHS, not least mental health services, says Sean Duggan.

A decade of austerity should spur on fundamental care reform

CCGs have the opportunity to reform patterns of service provision and ways of working.A decade of austerity could spur on some long overdue changes to our health and care system..

Sean Duggan, centre for mental health

The mandate provides a historic opportunity for better mental healthcare

Board and CCGs tasked with tackling disparity between physical and mental health support

How public health can help the neediest parents

Smart working by the new public health system, the NHS and schools can tackle children’s behavioural problems effectively

The new minister's agenda

The new group of ministers at the Department of Health will have a lot to take in as they begin work at Richmond House.

Genuine 'co-production' now needs 'coming together'

A framework to help local organisations to deliver on the objectives of the Government’s mental health strategy for England is published this week.

Securing equal mental health investment is still a big task

The Health and Social Care Act earlier this year included a new requirement on the secretary of state for health to give equal prominence to physical and mental health. This week, a report published by the LSE has reminded us of quite how big a task this is.

Commissioning board must safeguard the future of secure care services

The Commissioning Board takes over responsibility for specialised services in April 2013 and needs to focus on designing a system without the blockage problems of today if it is to commissioning secure care successfully.

On the road to Recovery

The government made Recovery the mental health strategy’s defining goal in February - which gives mental health service providers to do something truly radical, says Sean Duggan.

Improving comorbity care is a key challenge for mental health

Better managment of care for people with both physical and mental health conditions would improve lives and save the NHS billions of pounds.

The funding must be available to help achieve public health outcomes

The recently announced Public Health Outcomes Framework sets an effective set of measurements for performance - but if the resources aren’t there to achieve them, many services will step back from this opportunity for a step change in mental healthcare.

What will 2012 have in store for mental health?

Sean Duggan looks at the opportunities and challenges ahead for mental health.

'Safe and secure housing is critical to the wellbeing of mental health patients'

Housing needs for patients with mental health need to be properly addressed in order to improve mental health services and individuals’ health.

The pressing case for linking physical and mental health

The link between physical and mental health is one all too often missed. But the example set by an acute hospital in Birmingham that has invested in high quality liaison psychiatry shows that integrating physical and mental health services has efficiency and financial benefits waiting to be discovered.

Creating diversion will improve mental health screening throughout the judicial system

New evidence has shown that rates of mental ill health among offenders connected with probation services are worryingly high. An investment into diversion services can help provide these individuals with vital support services at the earliest opportunity, says Sean Duggan.

Learning lessons in mental health care from around the world

A global call for action into mental health research has set out a list of priorities that identify the most pressing challenges to delivering improved mental health care and improving the lives of people with mental health in the UK

Time to change: challenging the stigma around mental health

The latest survey on the public attitude to mental health shows some encouraging figures, but also highlights how prevalent ignorance and fear toward mental illness remains. There is, says Sean Duggan, still some way to go in tackling mental health stigma.

The benefits of employment support to mental health patients

The change in the way people with mental health problems are supported into work highlights just how vital it is for NHS organisations to be focused on employment as an outcome.

Ensuring security for secure mental health services

Nowhere is it more important to look critically at what we are spending now and finding ways of using money more wisely than in secure mental health services, writes Sean Duggan.

Prioritising mental health commissioning is brave, but it's also sensible

The decision to focus on mental health care, as Brighton GPs are doing, is indeed a brave one. But it is also one that makes a lot of business sense for any GP consortium, big or small, urban or rural, anywhere in England.

Child with head in hands on school books

Early intervention is rightly at the heart of new mental health strategy

The government’s new approach to mental health strategy is particularly welcome in its focus on children’s services.


'Alcohol misuse is the most daunting of public health challenges'

The cost of alcohol misuse is some £23bn, more than £3bn of which is borne by the NHS.

Mental health in 2011: challenges and opportunities

After a year of political and policy change in 2010, the New Year will bring major challenges and opportunities for mental health services.