The Charity Chief

Preferred provider – the saga continues

Preferred Provider - the saga continues

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The Personal Care at Home Bill

A step in the right direction

Lion roaring

Preparing to roar like lions

Preparing evidence for the DH’s Co-Operation and Competition Panel

Hands off (image by Bob Thewes

Hands off

Charity Commission takes a stand on NHS charities’ accounts article in Third sector

Working together

Here to help

Working together in partnership

Cotton bags

Stuff the bags

How many calico bags does it take to make a conference?

The vision thing's gone missing

The vision thing's gone missing

The Party Conference season is over

Conducting the orchestra

I’m missing the Proms already

Working together and conflict resolution in tense times

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Supping with a long spoon

A new Cabinet sub-committee will lift the barriers to third sector delivery of public services. The sector will need to learn new ways of influencing that retain its independence whilst making sure users of services and patients get the right services when and where they need them.


More than tea and sympathy

It’s not just tea and sympathy that’s on offer. Advocacy, empowerment, peer-to-peer support are all available at WRVS’ hospital cafés.

WRVS shop in Borders Hospital

Volunteers win support in Borders

What can be done when our vision is shared

Billy Bass

Stuff happens

Don’t worry. Be happy. Launching ‘The Worrier’s Guide to Risk’

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Impatient for change

It’s time to change for WRVS and to make personalisation a reality

Cliquey, self-absorbed and weak? Hardly.

It’s hard when your commissioners say you’re cliquey, self-absorbed and weak in partnerships.