The People Manager

Are inspections fair?

Is it fair? No. But that's not the fault of the inspectors.

It's a funny old game

Comparing NHS trusts to premiership football clubs tells you just how much trouble we are in.

12 v 6

Which do you think would work best imposing longer shifts of reducing the working day? No prizes for guessing which way NHS is going.

"Alright Duck"

Friendly or over familiar care is it a matter of class?

Open, Honest and Transparent

So how should managers behave in an organisation which aspires o be open ,honest and transparent

Chief executives don't have tattoos or do they ?

The average tenure for a chief executive in the NHS is 18 months! What's the motivation?

Five Myths about the Austerity Diet

What sort of weight loss diet involves hacking off a limb? The public sector austerity diet.

Change Fatigue

The causes,symptoms and treatment of change fatigue.

The Amazon Jungle

If it works for Amazon then using some of their management tools and with the total backing of the board why would it not work in the NHS.

Same circus different clowns

Organisation Change fatigue leaves staff exhausted, burnt out, cynical and ineffective