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Pressure? Andrew 'Chopper' Lansley isn't feeling it

Andrew Lansley might have News International to thank for a relatively pressure-free few days - he certainly didn’t appear to be unduly worried during his latest press spot.

Nuffield Trust website relaunches

The think tank relaunches its website and adds new tools for the online audience.

Crime doesn't pay... but it might get you free healthcare

It sounds like a joke or a wind-up, but losing private healthcare is no laughing matter.

Emergency at 170ft

Usually, emergency treatments at nearly 200 feet in the air take place on low-flying aircraft. But not for one ambulance crew in London.

NHS chief executive PA recognised in annual awards

You may remember a few weeks ago that Christopher Juliff, PA to the NHS chief executive, was shortlisted for Hays and The Times PA of the Year 2011.

Pointing the finger of blame for A&E delays

Waiting to be treated at A&E is no laughing matter. But there’s not much else you can do while someone gets their fingernail seen to.

Polyoaks - can Radio 4 out-absurd the current reforms?

The NHS is to be lampooned next month in a new Radio 4 satirical comedy co-written by Dr Phil Hammond.

Is the betting off for Lansley's vision?

David Cameron’s speech yesterday did little more than reaffirm the government’s commitment to pushing on with NHS reform. But will the prime minister show as much support to his beleaguered health secretary Andrew Lansley?

National recognition for NHS individual - for the right reasons

Not that many people in the NHS have gained national recognition this year for positive reasons.

A right royal day to bury bad news

Of all days, the biggest royal wedding for 30 years must have seemed a ripe moment during which to sweep bad news under the carpet.

The government shouldn't cut public health loose just yet

A government’s role in public health campaigns is not only necessary, it is desired and it works, according to speakers at the World Social Marketing conference in Dublin.

Can social marketing campaigns lead a local public health revolution?

With the government’s reforms aiming to put decision making power into the local community, the onus is on social marketing campaigns to drive a proper, positive shift in public health attitudes.

Putting the trust in technology

The health service has a reputation – though perhaps not entirely warranted – for looking fondly to the past, particularly at times of great change.

Bill announcement sparks web comments frenzy

It isn’t every month that Health Service Journal gets to cover a newly announced Health and Social Care Bill.