Alastair McLellan

Matt Hancock’s endorsement of Babylon risks undermining NHS innovation

HSJ editor Alastair McLellan says the health and social care secretary’s endorsement of Babylon Health risks undermining innovation efforts in the NHS.

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Pragmatic Stevens focusses on keeping his vision alive

Simon Stevens is a man on a mission – and that mission is to control expectations.

Alastair McLellan

What Matt Hancock’s arrival means for the NHS

The new health and social care secretary is keen to make his mark quickly, and has much to get to grips with, says Alastair McLellan.

Alastair McLellan

Jeremy Hunt: a ‘good’ health secretary?

Jeremy Hunt’s tenure as health secretary - the longest there has been - has come to an end. HSJ editor Alastair Mclellan reflects on his achievements and missteps.

Dave West

The funding deal is done, but a crucial few months follow

How far the NHS’s new funding deal will stretch will be shaped by some important decisions in the next five months.

70th birthday cake

How much will the government give the NHS for its 70th birthday?

Before the NHS turns 70 on 5 July, the government will have revealed its broad ambitions for the “sustainable long term plan”.