Since April, new body Public Health England’s task has been to support local authorities taking over the bulk of responsibility for public health from primary care trusts and jointly appoint their directors of public health.

Public Health England: The next five years for population healthcare by HSJ News

Dr Kevin Fenton, director for health and wellbeing at Public Health England, gives a brief overview of its role in health improvement, recorded at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence annual conference last week.

This 30-minute podcast covers the background of Public Health England and ways it will partner with organisations to tackle health inequalities as well as areas and lifestyle factors healthcare professionals should be addressing and best practice guidance on this.

Topics covered include:  

  • Directives for Public Health England
  • Areas for health improvement in England
  • Integrated approaches to treatment and multi-sector partnerships
  • Health premium incentive schemes
  • Leadership roles within local authorities working with the NHS

The podcast also includes a Q&A session on the problems surrounding the organisation’s advocacy work versus national policy, local government planning, and potential partnerships with pharmaceutical industries.