PERFORMANCE: A new GP scheme aiming to increase efficiency is being trialled in Derbyshire.

Bolsover’s Welbeck Road Medical Centre is one of seven GP surgeries in England and Scotland to take part in the Productive General Practice initiative, which reassesses the way GP surgeries work in order to identify simple ways of improving efficiency.

It has been launched by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, and follows similar schemes in other settings – of which the most well known is the Productive Ward: Releasing Time to Care.

Once trialled, the institute will offer the scheme to all GP practices across the country, who can take it up on a voluntary basis.

NHS Derbyshire County medical director Paul Cook, a GP who is based at the surgery, said: “This trial will have a major knock-on effect to patients – as better management of time and resource will lead to improved clinical outcomes, with many unnecessary hospital admissions avoided…

“In the past schemes like this have often just tinkered with appointment systems, but this looks at what patients want, what we offer, and then matches the two together so we can get both a better outcome and increased patient satisfaction.”