Ali Parsa Circle chief executive

Ali Parsa on why collectively we are stronger

Sir Michael Lyons quite rightly picks up on the changing nature of NHS management. This is as much true of the NHS as it is of the wider public and private sectors.

Ali Parsa on great mistakes

I started my career as an academic. My research objective: to come up with a fluid dynamic formula to predict the complex interaction of waves and currents in turbulent flows.

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'This is the kind of disruptive innovation the NHS needs'

The US integrated healthcare system Kaiser Permanente is an example of ‘innovative disruption’ in all its joined-up glory. The King’s Fund chief executive Chris Ham highlights some of the benefits a similar system could give the NHS.

Circle Award 2011

HSJ interview: Clayton M Christensen, author of The Innovator’s Prescription

The author of the Circle Prize for Inspiring Innovation-winning book, The Innovator’s Prescription, talks to HSJ about disrupting healthcare.

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'Our new solutions will come from new entrants'

Circle managing partner Ali Parsa on what Clayton M Christensen’s thinking on innovation means for the NHS.

The prize

£20,000 for the piece of writing judged to have the greatest potential to transform healthcare within the UK