Liberating Ideas Award 2011

Now in its second year, the Capgemini and HSJ Liberating Ideas Award looks to speed adoption of good ideas across the health system.

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The deadline for this year's award has passed.

VIDEO: watch Capgemini head of healthcare Brendan Farmer discuss the Liberating Ideas Award with HSJ editor Alastair McLellan.

The deadline for this year's Liberating Ideas Award has passed.

The NHS is widely regarded as being world class at inventing new solutions to challenges, but has been less successful at promoting, adopting and diffusing these ideas comprehensively across the system, and HSJ and Capgemini are looking to identify proven innovative ideas that can be readily scaled by NHS organisations across the country.

This competition is open to NHS organisations. Entries can come from commissioners, providers and other organisations that support frontline delivery. This year we are particularly keen to encourage entries from the mental health sector and projects that have achieved a level of integration across primary and secondary care.

It is anticipated that eligible projects will:

  • Offer significant improvements in patient experience and quality at a lower cost to the system than the current solution
  • Have demonstrated this at the NHS organisation sponsoring the application
  • Have been rolled out across, at least, the NHS organisation sponsoring the application
  • Have the desire and motivation to see the idea spread extensively across the NHS

Entries must be submitted with the chief executive/head of organisation’s knowledge and approval.

Entries will be vetted and winners will be chosen in three categories:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Prevention

One overall winner for 2012 will be chosen by the judging panel and Capgemini will work further to help them overcome the constraints to widespread adoption.

The closing date is 3 November 2011. Winners’ day will take place on 5 December 2011.

The winners of each category will be invited to a development day at Capgemini’s renowned Accelerated Solutions Environment in London, with a panel of experts to further refine and accelerate the adoption of your idea.

Additional prize for overall winner

  • Further support from Capgemini to overcome the constraints to widespread adoption and start delivering on it
  • Presentation of the Capgemini/HSJ Liberating Ideas Award trophy

Submissions guidelines
Submissions should include a 200 word synopsis on your idea, and what has been achieved so far. Also, your proposal, containing a maximum of 1,500 words, giving the benefits available should your idea be adopted extensively across the NHS and specifically addressing:

  • How the idea offers significant improvements in patient experience and quality at a lower cost to the system than the current solution, including who benefits and how
  • The successes achieved to date and time taken to achieve this
  • An assessment of the benefits to the system of significant adoption including a business case
  • Your current approach to having the idea adopted beyond your organisation and the challenges including what changes to the system would speed up adoption of your idea
  • Endorsement from the chief executive/head of your organisation
  • Where possible, please provide a contact for an external organisation who has been involved in your idea, e.g. a supplier, partner, client, end user

Capgemini - Liberating Ideas

The prize

  • Development day at Capgemini’s renowned ASE with a panel of experts to further refine the adoption of your idea
  • Further, post ASE, support from Capgemini
  • Promotional opportunities and further coverage in HSJ
  • The Capgemini/HSJ Liberating Ideas trophy