Immersive Features


  • Supporting effective communication between clinicians

  • Open data – the challenges and opportunities for the NHS

Immersive features

  • doctorwritingnotes

    Supporting effective communication between clinicians


    Efficient communication between clinicians has long been a challenge. With new digital solutions, and changes driven by covid, could that finally be changing?

  • data network puzzle

    Open data – the challenges and opportunities for the NHS


    Making healthcare data open can offer various advantages, but several issues will need to be addressed if the benefits are to be realised

  • children playing in a tunnel

    Treating epileptic children with a ketogenic diet


    An HSJ and Nutricia immersive feature explores the potential of ketogenic diets in reducing seizures in epileptic children


    Creating an NHS estate that’s fit for the future

    2020-02-24T06:00:00+00:00By Claire Read

    With continuing challenges to capital funding, only a strategic approach to the NHS estate will result in the facilities required to best meet future need and new types of care

  • GP_doctor6

    Fear of Finding Out


    By driving understanding of health behaviours and the psychological barriers to seeking help, the work of an innovative collaboration has supported the prevention and early intervention agenda

  • Surgeon, surgery, surgical tools,

    Improving perioperative care


    The importance of good perioperative care is being recognised across the NHS. For patients it can mean a safer operation, with fewer complications and a shorter stay in hospital, while for NHS organisations it can mean lower costs and less chance of becoming embroiled in litigation

  • Clinical leaders pulse heartbeat

    The case for fighting heart failure

    2020-01-29T06:00:00+00:00By Claire Read

    It is likely that with prompter diagnoses and better monitoring, hospital admissions for heart failure will decrease – and costs too