Bury PCT

Bury CCG faces additional £6.4m specialised commissioning loss

FINANCE: NHS Bury CCG is anticipating it will have a further £6.4m taken out of its budget to fund specialised commissioning during 2013-14, board papers state.

Ambulance reponse problems in Bury

PERFORMANCE: Recent board papers warn of a decrease in the response times of ambulances against the contracted target across Bury PCT.

NHS Bury faces estimated £1m retrospective continuing care costs

FINANCE: NHS Bury has received 230 retrospective claims for continuing healthcare funding, according to NHS Greater Manchester’s latest finance report.

C difficile rate higher than planned for NHS Bury

PERFORMANCE: NHS Bury’s rate of C difficile infection was higher than planned in the first four months of 2012-13, latest NHS Greater Manchester board papers state.

Greater Manchester awards 'any qualified provider' diagnostics contracts

COMMERCIAL: Twenty three NHS and private sector providers have been awarded “any qualified provider” contracts to offer direct access diagnostics across Greater Manchester.

Provider giving NHS Bury daily updates on C difficile

PERFORMANCE: NHS Bury is now receiving daily notifications about incidences of Clostridium difficile from Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust, in a drive to tackle rates of infection in the area, clinical commissioners report.

Six appointments for Greater Manchester LAT

WORKFORCE: The NHS Commissioning Board has appointed six directors for its Greater Manchester local area team.

Bury misses health checks target for Q1

PERFORMANCE: Just 830 people in NHS Bury’s catchment were offered health checks in the first quarter of 2012-13, against a target of 2,000, NHS Greater Manchester board papers show.

Pennine Acute hit waiting times targets for July, figures suggest

PERFORMANCE: “Unvalidated figures” show that Pennine Acute achieved all national standards for referral-to-treatment waiting times in July, commissioner board papers state.

Pennine Care nearly doubled in size through TCS

FINANCE: The foundation trust nearly doubled its turnover in 2011-12 through the Transforming Community Services programme of transferring commissioners’ provider arms, its annual report shows.

Manchester CCGs to take on acutes with united commissioning pact

STRUCTURE: Greater Manchester’s clinical commissioning groups are developing a pact to work collectively after April 2013, to ensure they are strong enough to deal with powerful hospital providers.

HSJ Local Briefing - Greater Manchester and Liverpool

Analysed: the reconfiguration plan for Greater Manchester's hospitals

HSJ Local Briefing is our new in-depth analysis of the key issues facing the NHS’s major health economies. This week: acute reconfiguration in Greater Manchester.

Bury pulls ‘contractual levers’ over Pennine Acute cancer waits

PERFORMANCE: NHS Bury has “enforced contractual levers” in a bid to increase the speed at which the trust refers patients in need of specialist cancer treatment, board papers state.

Bury forecasts £8m overspend on secondary care

FINANCE: At the end of November the primary care trust was forecasting it would overspend its secondary care budget by £8m this year, its latest finance report shows.

Greater Manchester reduces underuse of private sector contracts

FINANCE: Primary care trusts in the cluster lost £2.6m through underuse of contracted independent sector providers in the first eight months of this year, compared with £4.5m for the same period in 2010-11, its latest finance report shows.

Greater Manchester signs £1.8m home oxygen contract

COMMERCIAL: The Greater Manchester cluster of primary care trusts has signed a contract worth an estimated £1.8m for the provision of home oxygen services to all 10 PCTs in the area.

Greater Manchester cluster proposes responsibility for networks’ funding

STRUCTURE: The NHS Greater Manchester ‘cluster’ of primary care trusts has proposed that it take over responsibility funds held to support the Making it Better reconfiguration of the city’s maternity services.

NHS Bury forecasts breakeven after £3m additional allocation

FINANCE: The primary care trust was forecasting it would break even for 2011-12 at the end of October after receiving an additional £3m in-year allocation, its latest finance report shows.

Just two Greater Manchester PCTs fall behind financial plans

FINANCE: PCTs across Greater Manchester are making reasonable progress towards their year-end financial targets with just two areas - NHS Bolton and NHS Oldham - behind plan.

AQP areas announced in Manchester

FINANCE: Greater Manchester PCTs have identified podiatry and diagnostics as priorities for introducing any qualified provider.