Camden PCT

NHS London investigating high C-diff rates in Camden

PERFORMANCE: NHS London has launched an investigation into a “sharp increase” in Clostridium difficile cases in Camden since the beginning of 2012-13.

NHS Camden misses cervical cancer screening target

PERFORMANCE: NHS Camden has missed its target for cervical screening, achieving 66.9 per cent coverage against a national threshold of 80 per cent.

NHS Camden stop-smoking rates below target

PERFORMANCE; NHS Camden was one of three boroughs in the North Central London primary care trust cluster to miss its stop smoking target in the first quarter of 2012-13.

Camden 'Right to Request' bid withdrawn over competition concerns

STRUCTURE: The chief executive of NHS North Central London has reported to her board that a “Right to Request” bid to become a social enterprise by staff had been withdrawn after legal advice.

NHS North Central London predicts £31.8m surplus at end of 2012-13

FINANCE: The cluster comprising Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington predicts a year-end surplus for each of its constituent PCTs.

NHS North Central London sees improvement in childhood vaccinations

PERFORMANCE: All five PCTs making up NHS North Central London have seen rises in their rate of childhood immunisations, board papers show.

Inconsistencies found between ambulance and trust handover reporting

PERFORMANCE: A report to the north central London cluster of PCTs said the number of reported delays of more than a hour in ambulance handovers to acute trusts was inconsistent between the London Ambulance Service and hospitals.

Cluster turns down majority of individual funding requests

PEFORMANCE: Figures from the cluster showed 42 of 76 cases received between April 26 2011 and February 9 2012 were declined.

Public health strong focus in North Central London's CQUINs

PERFORMANCE: The north central London cluster selected six local CQUINs for the providers in its patch including, “alcohol reduction” and smoking cessation.

North central London cluster predicts £24m deficit

FINANCE: The north central London PCT cluster is predicting a deficit of £24m by the end of 2011-12

NHS North Central London says 'catastrophic' financial failure 'almost certain'

FINANCE: The north London commissioning cluster gave itself the highest possible risk rating at its most recent meeting as it assessed its chances of achieving financial balance over the next four years.

London community trust faces loss of quarter of turnover

COMMERCIAL: An aspirant community foundation trust could be stripped of a quarter of its business to support a new hospital trust emerging from demerger of Barnet and Chase Farm hospitals.

London commissioning cluster predicts deficit for 2011-12

FINANCE: The north central London cluster is predicting a deficit of £14.8m this financial year, new documents reveal.

UCLH commits to financial risk rating of at least three for 2011-12

FINANCE: The central London foundation trust pledged to stay in the lowest three categories of financial risk maintained by FT regulator Monitor - despite challenges from commissioners.

London PCTs predicted to miss demand management and decommissioning targets by £77m

FINANCE: NHS London predicted that its primary care trusts would miss their 2010-11 demand management and decommissioning targets by £77m

Cluster writes to trusts requesting 'remedial action plans' on performance

PERFORMANCE: The North Central London has written to two acute providers asking to see improvements in cancer wait times and bowel cancer screening.

NHS Barnet cancels Chlamydia screening programme for 2011-12

PERFORMANCE: The north London commissioning organisation agreed to decomission its screening for the sexually-transmitted infection for the financial year, minutes reveal.

North Central London cluster calls in consultants to risk assure QIPP plan

FINANCE: The cluster of five London commissioners has brought in PricewaterhouseCoopers to “provide assurance on deliverability” of its efficiency plans.

Two-thirds of staff in North Central London cluster now appointed

WORKFORCE: The five-borough commissioning body said at its last board meeting it intended to have all its positions filled by early May.

North Central London cluster sets up 'Primary Care Concerns Group'

STRUCTURE: The group would “ensure timely and appropriate response to concerns about independent contractors and performers and their services and implement appropriate actions”.