Croydon PCT

'Assurances' sought over scrutiny of interim finance officers

A health minister has demanded assurances over the appointment process for interim finance directors to avoid a repeat of a situation where a primary care trust’s financial position was mis-stated by at least £28m.

Councillors criticise NHS Croydon failure to hold individuals to account

Members from six London boroughs question refusal of former PCT staff to appear before committee over £22m overspend

NHS London approves £1.5m NHS 111 set-up costs in SW London

FINANCE: NHS London has agreed NHS South West London could use £1.5m of the funds the SHA had top-sliced from it to fund part of the set-up costs for NHS 111.

NHS London agrees use of topslice funding to set up maternity network

PERFORMANCE: NHS South West London has had its bid to use funding topsliced by NHS London to establish a maternity network approved.

£5.4m for long term conditions in SW London

PERFORMANCE: NHS London has agreed that NHS South West London can use £5.4m in top-sliced funding to set up a long term conditions programme delivery board.

NHS London approves £4m funding for SW London reconfiguration programme

STRUCTURE: NHS London has approved a request for NHS South West London to use £4m of top-sliced funding for its reconfiguration programme.

NHS London exempts NHS Croydon from two per cent top-slice requirement

FINANCE: NHS London has approved NHS Croydon’s request that it be exempted from the two per cent top-slicing for all primary care trusts stipulated in the NHS Operating Framework.

Cluster finds extra funding to tackle year-plus IVF waiters

PERFORMANCE: Minutes of NHS South West London’s performance committee said money would be made available to reduce the number of IVF patients waiting longer than a year at one of the hospitals serving the cluster.

Cluster could delay GP funding redistribution to avoid 'destabilising' practices

FINANCE: NHS South West London might delay a redistribution of Personal Medical Services funding to avoid “destabilising” practices in Wandsworth and Croydon.

Cluster asks for £11.4m to bailout NHS Croydon

FINANCE: NHS South West London has approached NHS London to ask for £11.4m to support NHS Croydon.

Croydon Health Services reduces clinical income forecast

FINANCE: Croydon Health Services has reduced its clinical income forecast because of problems at its primary care trust.

Croydon out-of-hours care failures exposed

PERFORMANCE: Serious care and accountability failures in an out-of-hours GP service have been highlighted in a report from a London primary care trust.

Patients needing home oxygen services may have to take deliveries at night during Olympics

PERFORMANCE: A risk planning document for the south west London cluster of PCTs said deliveries of services like oxygen to patients homes could have to be made at night, to avoid disruption to the Olympics.

Report finds too few health visitors in Croydon

WORKFORCE: Health visitors in the south London borough face caseloads of nearly double recommended levels.

Two Croydon GP groups merge

STRUCTURE: The two emerging clinical commissioning groups under Croydon PCT have decided to merge.

Community group launches survey following London HIV drugs change

PERFORMANCE: A community group has launched a survey to assess the impact of changes to London HIV drug prescribing rules.

South west London PCTs book readmission money as savings

FINANCE: All but one of NHS South West London cluster’s PCTs booked money not paid to trusts under the readmission rule as savings, minutes said.

NHS Croydon plans £3.4m disinvestment in mental health services

FINANCE: The south London commissioning organisation is planning a total disinvestment of £3.4m on its block contract with its local mental health trust over the current and next two financial years.

Croydon could be next for London 111 pilot

STRUCTURE: The primary care trust, part of the the south west London cluster, has submitted a business plan to pilot the 111 non-emergecy number in London.

Two London clusters to explore joint commissioning

STRUCTURE: A report to the south east London cluster of primary care trusts said the board had ordered a “short feasibility study” to see whether a combination of an aggregrated model with south west London was feasible.