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'Gap' in CCG assurance process for Care UK contract

There was a “gap” in commissioners’ assurance process for an urgent care contract with Care UK and the provider’s staffing model was flawed, a review has found.

IVF approvals now half the level of rejections in NW London

PERFORMANCE: A report from the individual funding requests board show the number of IVF approvals is now half the number of rejections.

David Slegg appointed commissioning board finance director for London

WORKFORCE: NHS North West London’s finance director David Slegg has been appointed the National Commissioning Board’s finance director for London.

Cluster confirms inner north west London PCTs bail out outer north-west London

FINANCE: In minutes released at the last board meeting finance director NHS North West Lonoon David Slegg said the PCTs that ended 2011-12 in surplus had bailed out those that would have turned a deficit.

NHS Ealing top in the cluster for individual funding requests

PERFORMANCE: NHS Ealing is top in the NHS North West London cluster for individual funding requests, a report reveals.

Generic  hospital ward  beds

NW London bed numbers set to fall

The number of hospital beds available for patients in north-west London could be reduced by a quarter under plans to reconfigure services in the capital.

NW London consultation closes

STRUCTURE: The 14-week consultation into a large-scale service reconfiguration in north west London has come to an end this week.

NW London launches consultation on major service reconfiguration

STRUCTURE: NHS North West London has launched a consultation into a major shake-up of services across its eight boroughs.

NHS North West London makes 82pc of QIPP target

FINANCE: The cluster of eight primary care trusts in north west London had set itself a savings target of £142.3m in 2011-12 but achieved £116.5m.

McKinsey dominates consultancy spend by NHS North West London

FINANCE: McKinsey accounted for nearly three-quarters of NHS North West London’s consultancy spending of £8.8m in 2011-12, new documents reveal.

HSJ Local Briefing: London

Analysed: acute reconfiguration in North West London

HSJ Local Briefing is our new in-depth analysis of the key issues facing the NHS’s major health economies. This week: acute reconfiguration in north-west London.

NQB asks NHS North West London for 'evidence of good practice'

PERFORMANCE: The Department of Health’s National Quality Board is making its assurance visit to NHS London today, with NHS North West London asked for extra information.

Cluster can only make three-quarters of planned QIPP savings in 2011-12

FINANCE: The outer north west London cluster is behind target on its savings because of problems at NHS Ealing.

Outer NW London cluster predicting £25m shortfall on acute savings

FINANCE: The PCT cluster said the “upper” limit on risk was £25m while the “likely” savings shortfall was £22.6m, a position that would only see a break-even achieved after using £11m of contingency.

NW London to prepare national AQP implementation strategy for MSK

COMMERCIAL: The north west London cluster of PCTs is one of the volunteers to develop an “implementation pack” for Musculo-skeletal services for back and neck pain.

Commissioners had 'no confidence' in data supplied by Imperial

FINANCE: Minutes from a commissioner meeting said the west London trust had presented them with data “in which [it had] no confidence”.

West London PCTs identify £24m risk to their QIPP delivery

FINANCE: Ealing, Hillingdon and Hounslow primary care trusts reported a £24m risk to their QIPP delivery to the cluster this month and are “considering alternative measures”.

Ealing Hospital £2.6m over contract at the end of June

FINANCE: The west London acute trust reported an over-performance on contract of £2.6m at the end of June, £2.4m of it with principal commissioners NHS Ealing.

Outer north west London QIPP performance at 13 per cent of yearly plan at month three

FINANCE: The outer north west London cluster has achieved just under a sixth of its QIPP plan for the year by the end of the first quarter.

Ealing is second biggest overperformer in NW London

FINANCE: NHS Ealing is the second biggest overperformer in the north west London primary care trust cluster

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