Waltham Forest PCT

NHS East London and the City applies for topslice funding

FINANCE: NHS East London and the City applied to NHS London for £55,000 of the two per cent top-slice funds to kickstart its sexual health tariff programme.

GPs approach hospital consultants directly because of 'lack of trust'

PERFORMANCE: A strategic health authority report said there was evidence of a “lack of trust” between GPs and trusts in outer north east London, which meant “some GPs were now approaching trust consultants directly as a result”.

Outer NE london cluster gets new chief executive

WORKFORCE: Alwen Williams has been appointed as the new chief executive of the Outer North East London primary care trust cluster.

Integrated Care Service failing to realise savings

FINANCE: NHS Outer North East London plan to reduce emergency admissions by 255 against 2010-11’s total of 2,718 is failing to do so, a report says.

Outer NE London cluster takes BHRUT to arbitration

FINANCE: A London cluster is taking Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust to arbitration over over-performance.

Outer north east London lacks obesity management services

FINANCE: The outer north east London cluster of primary care trusts could save money on bariatric surgery with better community services for obesity.

Outer north east London cluster on plan for £4.2m underspend

FINANCE: Outer north east London cluster on plan for £4.2m underspend but has worst-case scenario of £17m deficit

Outer north east London submits proposal to pilot 111 scheme

STRUCTURE: The primary care trust cluster, which consists of Waltham Forest, Barking & Dagenham, Redbridge and Havering PCTs, has submitted a business plan to pilot the 111 non-emergency number in London.

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust facing £10.1m specialist drugs shortfall

FINANCE: The east London organisation lost an arbitration case brought against commissioners, the Outer North East London cluster.

London PCTs predicted to miss demand management and decommissioning targets by £77m

FINANCE: NHS London predicted that its primary care trusts would miss their 2010-11 demand management and decommissioning targets by £77m

NHS Waltham Forest supported by London's Challenged Trust Board

FINANCE: The north east London primary care trust had £9m allocated to it from the Challenged Trust Board (CTB), a sub committee of the capital’s stategic health authority.

Barking and Dagenham's individual funding request policy adopted by cluster

FINANCE: Barking and Dagenham’s system for dealing with individual funding requests for treatments not normally funded on the NHS has been adopted by across its cluster, after being deemed the most efficient.

Outer North East London cluster anticipates 'assigning' PCT staff to consortia in July

STRUCUTRE: A timeline produced by the cluster said it hoped to have “Pathfinder Commissioning Support Units” in place by January 2012

NHS Redbridge appeals process grants most funding appeals in the cluster

PERFORMANCE: The north east London primary care trust approved 79 per cent of appeals to pay for a service or procedure outside of the cluster’s policy.

NHS outer north east London ‘cluster’ gets underway

STRUCTURE: Four primary care trusts, including Waltham Forest, have formed a cluster this month to cut management costs.

NHS Barking and Dagenham best in sector for viability of QIPP plans

FINANCE: The east London primary care trust’s £6.1m quality, innovation, productivity and prevention plan (QIPP), submitted in January, has been fully risk-assessed as the best of the four outer north east London PCTs.

Barking and other London trusts fall short of savings targets

FINANCE: The capital’s trusts are likely to miss their savings targets due to slipping cost improvement plans and overperformance in the acute sector, NHS London has said.

Three consortia for Waltham Forest

STRUCTURE: GPs within Waltham Forest primary care trust are looking to form three commissioning consortia, with an overarching borough-wide senate called Waltham Forest Federated GP Commissioning Consortium.

One trust responsible for more than half of NHS Waltham Forest acute overspend

FINANCE: Whipps Cross University Hospital Trust accounted for £5.9m of the primary care trust’s £9.5m overspend against plan

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