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Liz Grogan 3x2

Infection prevention is not just the job of the NHS

“Home growing” staff is the key to an integrated infection prevention strategy, writes Liz Grogan

paul burstow 3x2

Mental health ‘at risk of being crowded out’ during election debate

Attention-seeking parties competing in the general election will priortise some, but not all, aspects of health and social care, writes Paul Burstow.

Richard Wood 3x2

Linked datasets need not be the preserve of the rich

Linking data can offer unbridled benefits to healthcare systems, but at what financial cost? Richard Wood explores how in one healthcare system this has been achieved in little time and with a low price tag.

Rob findlay

Biggest ever waiting list as general election looms

The best way for the next government to reduce waiting times will be steadily and patiently, by keeping up with demand. Not with a blitz of waiting list initiatives.

Frank Dobson

Obituary: Frank Dobson

Michael White on Frank Dobson, former health secretary, who has died at the age of 79.

Alyson McGregor 3x2

What about the patient?: Alyson McGregor

This week: Alyson McGregor, national director, Altogether Better

Dr wendy burn 3 x2

Sending mental health patients out of area is counterproductive

Professor Wendy Burn on ensuring that patients can get the care they need in local facilities

Richard Sloggett 3x2

Pressing ahead: what to expect from the Conservative manifesto on the NHS

Richard Sloggett gives a lowdown on what the Conservative manifesto might have in store for the NHS

Barry quirk

‘It was the most terrible thing I’d ever seen’

This week: Barry Quirk, chief executive of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

William Pett 3x2

Is underinvestment in public health setting up ICSs to fail?

William Pett reflects on concerns among STPs and ICSs that it will be they who pay the price for the ongoing squeeze on the public health grant

David Lee 3x2

The NHS improvement industry has had its day, time for something different

Let’s introduce systems management and engineering supported by robust programme and project management and get the NHS to work together as an integrated whole, writes David Lee

Tim gardner 3x2

GP waiting times: learning from the past

Tim Gardner on setting new GP waiting time targets, and the pitfalls of applying a narrowly-focussed solution to ‘fix’ a complex issue

David Baldwin 3x2

There is still much to do to defeat Britain's biggest cancer killer

The complex diagnosing and treatment of lung cancer needs the reins of policy tightening. By David Baldwin

Margaret Thatcher

The Bedpan: Safe in the Iron Lady’s hands

This week: Margaret Thatcher and the birth of the internal market

jacqui-mcburnie 3x2

Supporting menopausal women can help the NHS staffing crisis

Nearly half of the female NHS workforce between the ages of 45 and 64. Managers and colleagues should talk with them about the menopause and entwine acknowledgement and support into their policies and processes, suggests Jacqui McBurnie

Ali Raza 3x2

Reverse mentoring: a road to black and minority ethnic staff empowerment

Reverse mentoring builds a bridge with the key protagonists – the senior white leaders who make culture happen within our NHS. By Ali Raza, Kiki Onyesoh and Paul Trower

deb hazeldine 3x2

Stafford failed my mother, but my father received exemplary care

Having lost her mother 13 years ago in the Mid Staffs disaster, Deb Hazeldine recounts the exemplary end-of-life care her father received recently at the University Hospitals of North Midlands.

layla mccay 3x2

NHS bosses’ Brexit concerns at final planning stage revealed

Local NHS leaders remain concerned about several wide-ranging issues which could be unleashed on the service if there is a no-deal Brexit, from continuity of medical supplies to transport problems. But an NHS Confederation survey suggests the sector has undergone a robust planning process and is “generally well-prepared”. The lobby ...