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Fiona Carragher 3x2

The NHS must aim for more than just recovering dementia diagnosis rates

It is time to press reset and put in place more streamlined and consistent diagnostic services across the country, writes Fiona Carragher

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: Is the government’s covid response driven by incapacity, incompetence or malice?

Andy Cowper on governments’ ‘comms big, real problems away ambition’, the PM’s three-tier local alert system and concerning TAT performance.

Anita-Charlesworth 3x2

It is policy not demographics that drives NHS funding choices

One of the big short-term decisions with very long-term consequences is the capital allocation for the NHS in this autumn’s spending review and prioritising backlog of elective care, writes Anita Charlesworth

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: Helter Skelter

“When I get to the bottom, I go back to the top of the slide”

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: ‘Fearlessly and with common sense’

Andy Cowper on government’s ‘live without fear’ chants and the Test and Trace delivery status thus far.

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: Skidmarks and superforecasters

Staggering TAT figures and government’s aspiration driven by superfactors, by Andy Cowper.

David Oliver 3x2

Gov medical advisors should resign or speak out over England’s failing covid strategy

Regulatory policies need appointment processes and employment contracts which make the freedom to speak out, a genuine independence for medics. By David Oliver

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: The Ministry Of Unsound: Is Dido Harding getting another, even bigger, job?

Andy Cowper sheds light on the policy and politics of healthcare as Simon Stevens closes on completing his tenure.

Joe Rafferty

Population health modelling is essential in driving effective pandemic response

Population health modelling is helping us to assess the local effects on mental health of the pandemic - but strong national planning is needed to complement this, too, says Joe Rafferty

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: We need to talk about Test And Trace

In his piece, Andy Cowper elaborates on leaders’ attempts to avoid shortcomings of the TAT programme, contracts being awarded without accountability and the prime minister’s Moonshot operation.

Dr_Robert_Rintoul 3x2

The covid pandemic could cause a decrease in cancer survival

Dr Robert Rintoul shares his insights on screening, diagnostics, retaining workforce and harnessing treatment opportunities for lung cancer services amid covid-19.

georgia butterworth 3x2

Will provider collaboratives crowd out community and specialist care?

The idea of health and care providers working together has taken on new significance in the fast-evolving system landscape. Providers collaborate in multiple forms and functions, around multiple clinical and non-clinical services, and across multiple geographies. So, could provider collaboratives be the key to unlocking the next phase of system ...

naomi chambers

Revealed: How NHS boards operated during the first covid peak

Prevailing board leadership behaviours are amplified during the protracted NHS emergency, write Ann Highton, Gillian Conway and Naomi Chambers


The benefits of international collaboration for the NHS during covid-19

An international effort to improve patient care through collaboration and the sharing of real-time experience and outcome data helped an NHS trust to stay ahead of the covid ‘curve’, notes Nina Janda

David Oliver 3x2

Why ‘empty hospitals’ headlines mislead

David Oliver explains how statistics have been picked to portray the pandemic as a ‘scamdemic’ and policy responses as over-reactions in a misrepresentation of hospital admissions and bed occupancy rates

Rob Findlay

10 pc of elective patients treated in August had waited 10 months or more

More and more waiting lists are disappearing into the 52-week-plus category, notes Rob Findlay


Second leading trust chooses tech supplier not included on NHSE and X approved list for £175m deal

One of the NHS’s flagship teaching trusts has defied NHSX and NHS England by selecting an electronic patient record system supplier not included on their approved framework, HSJ can reveal.

Nigel Crisp speaking

Health is made at home, hospitals are for repair

Lessons for NHS to learn from health creators that use a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, creating conducive environment for people to flourish, by Nigel Crisp

Roger Kline

Regulators are ‘not good enough’ at holding NHS orgs to account if they discriminate against BME staff

The strategic emphasis on race equality must be strengthened, adding greater use of evidence and learning to achieve change, writes Roger Kline

Charlotte Augst 3x2

The three key tests for the comprehensive spending review

Charlotte Augst shares her insights on the need to strengthen places and communities to overcome inequalities and rebuild the health and wellbeing sector