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The Bedpan: ‘The problem with conceding to Simon Stevens…’

This Week: May at 10 by Sir Anthony Seldon


Ending cancer inequality for young people

Louise Soanes explains the need for the main political parties to address the specific challenges faced by young people with cancer, particularly around the stark inequality that plagues the health service that serves teenagers and young adults

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Consultants are not being supported to deliver the long-term plan

National leaders must act faster to change the payment mechanisms in the NHS, to allow more respiratory care to be delivered in the community, writes Binita Kane.

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Why NHS drugs should be ‘on the table’ in trade talks

If patients are to benefit from the most advanced treatments, pharmaceuticals must be on the table in UK trade talks, says Tony Hockley.

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Health and care workforce being hollowed out

For the foreseeable future the NHS and social care system will be very reliant on international workers to prevent staffing shortages from impacting on patient care and acting as a brake on ambitions to improve quality, writes Anita Charlesworth

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How small charities can help the NHS achieve a mental health revolution

Small and local charities are dealing with some of the complex and intractable mental health problems which the NHS can’t always address on its own, writes Paul Streets

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We need a workforce fit for the needs of those living with chronic cancer

Policy makers should keep the increasing population with treatable but not curable cancer in mind and ensure there is a clear plan to grow and fund a cancer workforce fit for the future, exhorts Lynda Thomas

Nick Timmins

Should integrated care systems be performance managers?

Whether ICSs should be relatively thin organisations or become more health authority-like structures is still a mater of debate among their leaders, writes Nicholas Timmins

Rob findlay

Analysis: Managing to the RTT target

In an ideal world, NHS hospitals would manage their elective waiting lists according to the needs of patients. Clinically urgent patients would be treated quickly, and routine patients would be treated on a first come, first served basis within a reasonable time. But the world is not ideal, explains Rob ...

Nadeem Moghal

Defining the professional NHS manager

Once NHS managers are framed properly as a profession, the doctor, the regulator, the media and the politician might have less excuse to target them. By

Chris ham

Integrated care systems could deliver ‘the triumph of the commons’

STPs and ICSs are beginning to show evidence of the benefits of self-organising as they take on greater oversight of NHS funding and performance and planning, writes Chris Ham

Richard Murray

The NHS and local government: love thy neighbour?

The mediating actions of health and wellbeing boards can bridge the gap between the local government and the NHS. By Richard Murray.

Matthew swindells

Swindells: politicians are fighting a 40 year-old battle over the NHS

The next wave of healthcare transformation will be a multi-industry partnership, writes Matthew Swindells

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Infection prevention is not just the job of the NHS

“Home growing” staff is the key to an integrated infection prevention strategy, writes Liz Grogan

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Mental health ‘at risk of being crowded out’ during election debate

Attention-seeking parties competing in the general election will priortise some, but not all, aspects of health and social care, writes Paul Burstow.

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Linked datasets need not be the preserve of the rich

Linking data can offer unbridled benefits to healthcare systems, but at what financial cost? Richard Wood explores how in one healthcare system this has been achieved in little time and with a low price tag.

Rob findlay

Biggest ever waiting list as general election looms

The best way for the next government to reduce waiting times will be steadily and patiently, by keeping up with demand. Not with a blitz of waiting list initiatives.

Frank Dobson

Obituary: Frank Dobson

Michael White on Frank Dobson, former health secretary, who has died at the age of 79.