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Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: The cargo cult of NHS test and trace

Andy Cowper on NHS’ famously failed test and trace app and the politics of the “Covid-19 Blame Olympics”.

jeremy hunt official photo

Hunt: Scrap national waiting time targets

Jeremy Hunt sets out his vision for the post-covid NHS

Rob findlay

Waiting times rising by one week, every week

Rob Findlay’s insights over rising waiting times in April reveals over a million patients waiting longer than 18 weeks and 11,000 waiting longer than a year.

Shilpa Ross

'A slave master situation': the lived experiences of NHS BAME staff

Tackling race inequalities will require commitment for the long haul, with locally engaged leadership and staff, including stronger allyship from white leaders and staff. By Shilpa Ross

Samantha Allen 3x2

'Sometimes you need a jolt': how covid made going digital urgent

Samantha Allen and Beth Lawton outline how placing digital at the centre of Sussex Partnership’s response to the pandemic has helped it transform services and deliver real benefits to patients and staff

Richard Sloggett 3x2

A difficult balancing act lies ahead for Matt Hancock

About to complete two years at the DHSC this week, Matt Hancock’s in-tray for the third year looks particularly challenging in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, writes Richard Sloggett

Michael wood

NHS must play its part in the economic recovery too

Michael Wood shares NHS Confederation’ five-point plan for every system - offering leadership, guidance and practical support.

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: When in doubt, ignore

Andy Cowper gives the lowdown on the government’s bungled handling of the covid-19 pandemic

West Midlands

West Midlands seeks to mainstream public health

We want people to think and talk more about wider determinants of health, upstream interventions and preventive approaches  – only then will we fully embrace all the pillars of public health, write David Kidney and Lisa McNally

Partha Kar

Enough empty words: four actions the NHS must take to tackle racism

Professor Partha Kar urges the NHS to make fundamental changes to their approach towards promoting racial equality within care systems.

Richard Vautrey

Covid-19 has rewritten the rulebook for how the NHS operates

Dr Richard Vautrey highlights how the pandemic has wrought solutions in general practices, with rapid responses to the needs of patients.


The impact of coronavirus on young people with cancer

Coronavirus has hit the whole country hard, but for young people with cancer, the impact has been unimaginable. In this piece, Teenage Cancer Trust’s Director of Services, Dr Louise Soanes, talks about its psychological impact and how the vital support provided by the charity, must be preserved to protect the ...

Narinder Kapur

There should be a public inquiry into BME staff wellbeing in the NHS

A virus of racism would appear to be endemic in the NHS. In the eyes of many, racial bias, at an institutional level and at an individual level, is prevalent, and operates both consciously and unconsciously. An often-overlooked area is the impact on BME staff wellbeing. Simple reforms could bring ...

layla mccay 3x2

Unite to combat the “toxic” discrimination faced by LGBTQ+ staff and patients

On the launch of the new Health and Care LGBTQ+ Leaders Network, our director of international relations, Layla McCay, shares her experience of being a gay woman in the NHS and her pride on being part of a movement that aims to transform the NHS into an inclusive environment for ...

Paul Corrigan

The real reason why the NHS testing app had to be ‘world beating’

Paul Corrigan writes that the Government’s desire to produce a ‘world beating’ test, track and trace system is misplaced and counter-productive.

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut : Ha-Ha, or human shielding with an NHS Kiss


Sharon Brennan 3x2

Vulnerable patients are forced to choose between their lives and income

On Monday HSJ revealed the government is planning to end the shielding programme for over two million ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’ people next month. The decision has highlighted many of the problems the programme has been faced with from the start.

Matthew Bevington0462 (2)

UK now reliant on China for majority of PPE imports

Matthew Bevington sheds light on the remarkable turnaround in demand for PPEs where imports rose by 45 per cent in April, compared to a year earlier.

Valerie Amies 3x2

SARS tells us covid will have serious psychological impact on staff

Based on evidence of earlier SARS-CoV epidemics, Valerie Amies and Clive Martinez analyse the current pandemic’s potential psychological toll on healthcare workers and the implications for sustainable service delivery

polly dickerson 3x2

We must offer patients hope, even if we can't offer timely treatment

With no capacity for any operations other than the urgent and emergency, waiting list growth looms large over patients, writes Polly Dickerson.