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Robert Colvile 3x2

The Bedpan: The Tories ‘aren’t stupid enough’ to privatise the NHS

This week: Centre for Policy Studies chief executive Robert Colvile

Jim mc manus

Councils’ contribution to falling HIV rates should be acknowledged

Local government has not got the credit it deserves for this week’s news about a huge drop in the number of HIV transmissions, writes Jim McManus.

ElaineWilson 3x2

How short-term healthcare and social support keeps frail patients out of hospital

Elaine Wilson and Johannes Dalhuijsen shed light on the Sunderland Recovery at Home service that provides urgent and intermediate care for patients who are housebound and cannot visit their GP or other healthcare services


I'm a doctor, but the NHS treats me as if I don't exist

At a time when the NHS is reeling under workforce shortages, a recent survey has found that SAS doctors feel undervalued and are bullied at their workplace, making it imperative for employers to provide a more supportive work environment, says Dr Amit Kochhar

Elaine Winkley

The NHS's role in the climate emergency

Reducing the NHS’s carbon footprint by choosing greener alternatives can make a significant contribution to tackling climate change, writes Elaine Winkley

David Maguire 3x2

The NHS should make better use of its economic power to help local communities

The move from STPs towards ICSs represents an exciting opportunity to change the way the NHS thinks about its role as a local economic player, writes David Maguire

Sasha Daly 3x2 small

Five resolutions to improve the care of young cancer patients

Sasha Daly outlines the top priorities that the new government should pursue to improve the lives of young people with cancer across the UK

Martin Marshall

Top GP: National diktats could shatter fragile PCNs

To ensure the success of primary care networks, policy makers must act swiftly to address early problems and ensure networks feel truly owned and co-designed by GPs, says RCGP chair Professor Martin Marshall

Rob Findlay

Waiting list would need to shrink to 2015 levels, to re-achieve 18-week waits

Four years of waiting list growth would need to be undone to achieve the NHS Constitution standard again, says Rob Findlay

Michael wood use this

Health got the headlines, but it’s still the economy that matters

The focus and measures of success of both the government and the healthcare system are becoming ever more intertwined, points out Michael Wood

anna dixon 3x2

Make 2020 the decade of healthy ageing

As larger numbers of people live longer, the UK government needs to take urgent action to support people in later life in view of a broken social care system, exhorts Anna Dixon

Nadeem Moghal

The GP locum ‘feeding-frenzy’ that is crippling general practice

Reliance on GP locums must force a rethink on the future workforce to create a positive opportunity to transform general practice, writes Nadeem Moghal

Matt kearney

Why primary care transformation is key to reducing CVD

The rising incidence of cardiovascular disease means its early detection and improved prevention should be the primary care sector’s top priority argues Dr Matt Kearney

Richard Sloggett 3x2

‘Cash for scrutiny’ is new government’s deal for the NHS

The new Conservative government under Boris Johnson will put the NHS under greater scrutiny, as they provide more cash, says its former adviser Richard Sloggett.

Rob findlay

It’s a bad autumn for the waiting list as admissions falter

When the NHS keeps up with demand, the waiting list shrinks in the autumn. It isn’t shrinking, notes Rob Findlay

layla mccay 3x2

International comparisons highlight the challenges for the NHS

If the UK is to maintain its efficiency gains while strengthening the resilience of the NHS it must integrate and innovate across health and care, writes Dr Layla McCay

Leanora Volpe 3x2

Taking a system-wide approach to NHS workforce challenges

If we want to create a more streamlined experience for people using multiple services, it is workforce reform which will make it happen, writes Leanora Volpe

Sally Warren

The parties’ dividing lines on health and care

There is some surprising agreement amongst the three major English parties when it comes to the NHS. But once you move away from the core of acute and primary care there are stark differences too, argues Sally Warren.

Gus Baldwin 3x2

The grim reality of migraine care in the UK

The NHS long-term plan does not even once mention migraine but the condition causes an estimated 25 million days lost from work and school in the UK each year, writes Gus Baldwin