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5pc pay rise for NHS staff if Labour wins power

Labour has promised a 5 per cent pay rise to NHS staff next year in its 2019 election manifesto.

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Seven steps to supporting Primary Care Networks

System leaders wondering how best to support their primary care networks should take a population health management approach, argue health consultants Dr Simon Munk, Dr Steve Laitner and Toby Lambert.

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Getting real with health and social care digitisation

The time has come for a digitally-enabled integration of health and social care, writes Jonathan Bloor


How to transform outpatient care

Innovative approaches are needed to efficiently deliver the main functions of outpatient care, write Ben Horner and Rishi Das-Gupta

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Improving A&E performance – what makes the difference?

Anne Rainsberry, Simon Weldon and Becky Taylor outline five behaviours that providers can adopt to improve A&E performance and drive change

Cyber security

Getting information security right in the NHS

That timely access to data and information is critical to the delivery of effective healthcare is beyond doubt. So too is that said information is often sensitive, and keeping it safe and only in the hands of those who actually need it is a pressing concern.

Close-up of cannulas attached to a patient's arm during kidney dialysis.

Roundtable: Facilitating choice in haemodialysis

An HSJ roundtable, sponsored by NxStage, looked at the advantages and deterrents to adoption of home haemodialysis in the NHS and ways to overcome them

Future leadership

Roundtable: Top chief executives on driving diversity and their evolving purpose

Some of HSJ’s top 50 chief executives explore both the pressing issues of diversity and inclusion, and how their own roles are changing in an environment of competing demands

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Mental Health Matters: Theresa May’s record

HSJ’s fortnightly briefing covering safety, quality, performance and finances in the mental health sector.

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Supporting #techforgood in the health and care sector

With an aim to develop innovative technological solutions that improve the user-experience aspect of property, Avison Young is supporting myo, a start-up transforming the way the care sector communicates

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CCGs should embrace a multiplatform approach to enhancing care

Instead of opting for a single solution to digital first primary care, CCGs must provide a range of solutions to meet the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals, says Dr Martin Godfrey

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Building resilience through a whole system approach

Nicola Mortali explores the concept of resilient organisations and how they work to reduce instability and variability across their wider health ecosystems

Health future

Interoperability – the vital ingredient

From our partners

Healthcare providers are increasingly realising the vital importance and benefits of enabling patient care systems to speak to one another

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Acting on the insights of population health

To reap the potential benefits of patient data, ICS leadership should take measures to identify programmes of work and make population health mainstream, suggests Brian Waters

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The NHS would be unsustainable without technology

Paul Meredith on the need to ensure that technology benefits the patient experience


Griffiths heads Top 50 chief executives ranking for second year

Marianne Griffiths leads the HSJ Top 50 chief executives list in which mental health leaders continue to be over-represented while those heading acute trusts are under-represented, writes Alastair McLellan

Brexit puzzle

Brexit and the NHS workforce: A guide for healthcare leaders

An HSJ and GRI report looks at the possible workforce implications of Brexit

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Understanding updates to CQC’s factual accuracy checking

The CQC has issued new draft guidance on factual accuracy process, but what does it mean for providers? Hope Davis-McCallion explains