An HSJ webinar, held in association with Carnall Farrar, will bring together experts to discuss the root causes of problems in accident and emergency care

Thursday 19 March 2020, 10.30am-11.15am

In December 2019, the NHS recorded its worst ever performance against the four-hour A&E target. Major A&Es only admitted, transferred or discharged 68.8 per cent of patients within four hours of arrival at the department – a 10 percentage point drop on December 2018.

Those headline figures are striking, but how can those charged with changing them best identify the root causes? Unprecedented demand for services is frequently cited, but how best can leaders dig deeper to understand the reality of that?

This HSJ webinar, held in association with Carnall Farrar, will bring together a small group of experts to discuss these important questions.

Specific topics for discussion may include:

  • Which pieces of data are typically key in identifying the causes of A&E challenges?
  • How can local care economies best develop a collective understanding of urgent care performance and of demand and capacity?
  • What tends to differentiate a trust with good performance against the four-hour wait to one which struggles?

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