FINANCE Basildon and Brentwood CCG has set out plans to achieve a £0.3m surplus in 2013-14 on a funding allocation of £300.2m.

The budget was due to be approved at its board meeting on 11 April. 

A board paper said: “The budgets have been set to meet financial targets including achieving a small surplus of £0.3m and allowing for £2.9m of expenditure to be used non-recurrently as permitted under national rules.

The funding allocation is £300.2m before a reduction (top sliced) for specialist commissioning of £12.5m. Estimated expenditure amounts to £299.9m.

“The latter assumes £8.6m of QIPP can be delivered. Provision has been made for a 1% contingency of £2.9m. Running costs amount to £6.4m; within the £25 per head threshold.”