FINANCE: South Warwickshire clinical commissioning group needs a £7m transfer from NHS England in order to hit its financial targets for 2013-14.

July board papers say the CCG reportedly hit its target at month two, but that position was dependent on issues around specialised commissioning allocations being resolved.

“A resource transfer of £7m from NHS England to the CCG is estimated as the requirement to restore cost neutrality to the process”, the papers said.

If the transfer was not made, the CCG “will be at high risk of not achieving financial targets.”

The CCG also has a £1.4m gap in its efficiency plans.

Opportunities to find new savings “may be somewhat limited by the nature of many of the CCG contracts which are block arrangements.”

If the NHS England transfer does not happen and the efficiency savings are not found, the CCG faces a potential deficit of £5.6m, rather than the planned surplus of £2.8m.