COMMERCIAL: Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust is making a concerted effort to engage with local GP commissioners.

A paper to the trust’s board of governors says: “A range of initiatives are being taken forward to promote effective engagement between the Trust and our GP colleagues. Already, links have been developed between the emerging GP consortia, ourselves and the PCTs through our commissioning links and we have many and varied relationships with local GPs.

“However, our strategy needs to be further strengthened and extended as it is important that we continue to listen and respond to the needs of GPs across all our services. Our first internal Customer Relationship Management forum took place in February, and we will now be commencing an extensive programme of listening and engagement, primarily at the clinician to clinician level.”

The chief executive, Gillian Fairfield, has “arranged to personally meet all of the chairs of the emerging GP Consortia over the next few weeks”.