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    Michael White on the Health Bill


    The world economy may tremble, but life goes on. So the House of Lords is getting stuck into the government's ragbag new Health Bill in its own inimitable way.

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    PCTs told to be innovative with personal budgets


    The Department of Health is calling on primary care trusts to put forward proposals for controversial personal budget pilots.

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    Michael White on the NHS and vested interests


    I always have mixed feelings on reading that some grand professional body like the Law Society or the British Medical Association is moved to condemn a new government policy as unwise or unclear, and sometimes downright dangerous.

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    Personal health budgets may spark tension between services


    Personal health budgets for patients to spend as they wish will radically change commissioners' roles, the NHS Confederation has warned.

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    HSJ talks to care services minister Phil Hope


    Care services minister Phil Hope promises his personal experience of the health service as a Hodgkin’s patient will mean service users are at the heart of his policies. Helen Crump finds out what’s on his to-do list. Plus, watch an exclusive video interview with Mr Hope

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    Bill sets out personal health budget proposals


    A health bill setting out proposals to pilot personal budgets for patients has been published today by the Department of Health. Under measures laid out in the bill, payments would for the first time be handed directly to patients to give them greater control over their care.

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    Queen's speech: government to make Darzi review law


    The government will legislate to take forward the proposals in health minister Lord Darzi's next stage review, it was confirmed in the Queen's speech today. The NHS bill will create a duty to take account of the rights and responsibilities set out in the NHS constitution, which will be published ...

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    Charles Kaye and Michael Howlett on mental health in the slow lane


    A number of high-profile news items about mental health have hit the headlines recently.

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    Personal health budgets


    Anna Dixon's article on personal budgets cites US evidence on health savings accounts to suggest recipients of personal health budgets will forego care.

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    Putting the patient at the centre


    Personal budgets are nothing more complicated than being clear with people from the outset about how much money is available to meet their level of need and allowing them greater choice over how it is spent.

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    Super patients should use their powers wisely


    The government is set to empower patients with personal budgets for care, but clear rules must guarantee choices are well informed and cost-effective, say Anna Dixon and Rebecca Ashton

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    Simon Stevens on a good year for Darzi


    As wine experts will occasionally admit, it's hard to know how a new vintage will perform. Wines age, maturation takes time. And a decent bottle may be overshadowed by a later blockbuster year.

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    Darzi calls for skills to tackle challenge of lifestyle diseases


    Primary and community care organisations must strengthen their skills and infrastructure to tackle 'lifestyle diseases' such as obesity, Lord Darzi told an HSJ conference this week.

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    Managers put faith in Darzi's clinical vision


    Managers believe Lord Darzi's vision for the NHS, where quality is financially rewarded and commissioning is the lynchpin of the service, is achievable within the next 10 years.

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    Darzi launches 10-year vision for the NHS


    Health minister Lord Darzi has set out his vision for an NHS focused on quality of services, where patients' wishes come first and nurses and doctors have the freedom to offer the safest and most effective treatment.

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    Vulnerable people's fate must not fall to faceless bureaucracy


    Health secretary Alan Johnson has called for a 'national debate' on how we will meet the needs and costs of an ageing population.

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    Housing crisis


    Simon Stevens' suggestion of individual budgets for the whole of a patient's healthcare needs in one year rather than a disease-specific approach is attractive and makes a lot of sense. However, individually tailored and purchased healthcare is not much use if the individual has housing problems or is finding ...

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    Michael White on social care's big year


    This is a big year for social care, possibly the biggest for a generation, says minister Ivan Lewis whenever he gets the chance. 'We've got to get it right.'

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    Preventive care rhetoric could become reality


    Gordon Brown's keynote health speech was not just a crucial moment in the bid to relaunch his premiership (for more details, click here ). As the NHS heads towards its 60th anniversary, his government's ability to deliver these reforms will have a profound impact on the service's long-term future.

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    Michael White on super-sizing the NHS


    Huge comprehensive schools which became dysfunctional over time? Huge new 'Titan' prisons which will almost certainly be hard to manage? Ditto hospitals?