PERFORMANCE: Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust has awarded itself a “red” rating for governance after performance declined during September.

The trust, which measures itself against the Monitor compliance framework, fell from a green/amber rating of 1.5 in August to a red rating of 4 in September. Its overall performance for quarter two was 3.5, or amber/green.

In September the trust failed to hit targets on accident and emergency performance, referral to treatment times and c-difficile incidence.

The trust’s operation performance report for November said: “Month six performance (as it would apply for foundation trust against Monitor’s compliance framework is red).

“This represents concerns surrounding authorisation. Service performance rating deteriorated in September. This was as a result of failing on three of the emergency department indicators and failure to achieve the referral to treatment waiting time for non-admitted patients.”

In accident and emergency, the single longest wait from arrival to treatment during September was six hours and twelve minutes – the worst figure since quarter one. The trust narrowly missed the 95 per cent target for waits under four hours, and missed the 5 per cent target for unplanned re-attendance rates, scoring 6.4 per cent.

The report said emergency attendances were 1,000 higher in September compared with the same month a year earlier.

The trust also missed targets on referral to treatment times for both admitted and non-admitted patients.