FINANCE: Portsmouth Hospitals Trust has broadly delivered on its service quality targets, at the expense of its finances, which are continuing to deteriorate.

Board papers for August give a red rating for all six of the trust’s financial indicators, with all getting worse between June and July.

In month four the trust reported an overall deficit of £5.9m, up £1.2m on the year before. This was £2.2m worse than planned.

Pay costs remained high, with temporary staffing costing £2.1m in the month. “The trust’s overall workforce remains at levels that are not considered to be sustainable moving forward.” Staffing numbers were 10 per cent above planned levels.

Temporary staffing controls have been put in place, along with “actions to reduce bed capacity, which has been a primary driver of temporary staffing spend”.

These overspends have only been partly offset by income increases due to rising activity levels.

Elective and non elective spells were both 4.5 per cent over plan, while emergency attendances were six per cent over plan.

“Broad delivery of the trust’s quality and service delivery targets in July 2012 has been achieved at the expense of the Trust’s financial position, which continues to deteriorate,” the papers said.