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    Changes to general medical services contract agreed


    Changes to the general medical services contract for 2009-10 have been agreed. They include alterations to how quality and outcome framework payments are calculated to reflect the prevalence of long-term conditions and the reallocation of 72 QOF points, which will be awarded for a range of clinical interventions.

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    Informed commissioning


    Ministers want to transform NHS commissioning from a sleepy pussycat into a sleek, sharp-toothed tiger. And good-quality information will be the key to success. Andy Cowper reports.

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    Data shows rise in Scottish QOF scores


    Figures published today show the average number of points earned by Scottish GPs under the quality and outcomes framework is 982.2 out of 1,000, up from an average of 971.2 points in 2006-07.

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    Health gap between rich and poor areas narrows


    The quality and outcomes framework has reduced the link between low-income areas and poor primary healthcare, a study suggests.

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    GP incentives may not equal healthier patients


    Offering incentives to GPs improves clinical care but does not promote healthy lifestyles or improve patients' quality of life, according to findings published today in the journal Heart .

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    Conservatives will support parts of Darzi review


    The Conservatives have welcomed parts of the Darzi review, saying they will support proposals that chime with their policies.

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    PCT-backed integrated care pilots to go ahead


    Lord Darzi's primary and community care strategy, due today, will push for integrated services and new rights for primary care trust provider staff.

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    Wider engagement in joint assessment


    The starting point for improving health services and reducing heath inequalities is data. To identify areas for improvement, exactly the same data must be collected in the same way.

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    Your Humble Servant on saying no


    Your humble servant To: Don Wise, chief executive From: Paul Servant, assistant chief executive Re: Saying no

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    GP incentives are not needed, 'inverse care' doctor tells MPs


    The GP who developed the 'inverse care law' - which says those most in need of healthcare are least likely to receive it - has told MPs he objects to giving family doctors financial incentives to do their job.

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    Safeguarding QOF


    HSJ has highlighted widespread variation in exception reporting rates . These certainly need to be investigated by primary care trusts, writes Martin Roland

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    Improving the detection of COPD


    There are over 15 million people in England with long-term conditions. Lord Darzi's interim report last October highlighted how less than 50 per cent of patients with long-term conditions receive optimal treatment, and that care does not always meet recommended guidelines.

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    QOF harms inequality progress


    The freedom of GPs to 'exception report' patients may be undermining efforts to reduce health inequalities, experts have told the Commons health select committee.

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    PCTs face tough questions on QOF reporting


    Data published for the first time today by HSJ reveals the GPs who exclude the most patients from their quality incentive scheme.

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    GPs failing to pick up patients at most risk of heart disease


    GPs in some of the poorest areas of the country are failing to identify patients with coronary heart disease and treat them effectively, HSJ ’s analysis suggests.

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    Paul Jennings on measuring clinicians


    How does a primary care trust measure the performance of its GPs? Some things are relatively easily counted: operations, visits to the clinician. It is harder to count things that really matter, such as standards of care, the competence of the clinician, training, and the outcome for the patient. Paul ...

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    Incentivise GPs to collect vital ethnic data, urge PCT leaders


    Middle managers have hit out at inadequate incentives to collect information on ethnicity that could help tackle health inequalities.

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    GPs to face tougher tests on surgery


    The government is to publish national standards for minor surgery carried out in primary care.

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    Dave Roberts on QOF and chronic diseases


    'As well as supporting QOF payments, the QMAS provides the NHS with a database of public health information on the prevalence of chronic and long-term illnesses.'

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    Information stations


    Tom Morgan and Nick Coyle on how valuable data from QOF results can help compare GP performance and improve patient care