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    Government negotiating on employment contracts for one million NHS staff


    Jeremy Hunt says “constructive” negotiations under way with NHS unions on further contract reform The junior doctor dispute with the BMA was “wholly avoidable”, says health secretary Mr Hunt claims proposed changes will improve flexible working, quality and morale The government is having

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    New data reveals scale of nursing jobs advertised


    New data from NHS Digital shows 29,000 full-time equivalent job adverts for nurses in first three months of 2016 More than 9,000 registered nurse and midwife roles were advertised each month on the NHS Jobs website Year on year there were 3,300 more FTE nursing staff working in the NHS in May,

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    Trusts may face financial penalties for over-recruiting staff


    Sixty-three provider trusts identified for excess pay bill growth since 2014 and face potential cuts of £356m This has been calculated by halving the excess growth above the level of inflation since 2015-16 One chief executive says NHS Improvement’s figures ignored the historical baseline of poor

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    CQC: Night staff should be allowed rests to ensure safety


    CQC says NHS trusts must consider best practice guidelines on rest at night for hospital staff Inquest heard trainee at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital crashed his car after probably falling asleep following night shifts NHS trusts should comply with guidelines on allowing doctors and nurses to rest

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    Can we expect nursing associates in the NHS by spring 2017?


    With stakes pegged high for public safety, it may be a while till a regulated framework for the new healthcare role is set up in the NHS

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    Royal colleges 'shocked' by Mackey staffing levels comments


    Royal colleges criticise NHS Improvement chief executive for saying some standards are only “aspirational” Safe staffing experts say Jim Mackey contradicted clinical evidence based guidelines One college president says NHS trusts should reject “shabby suggestion” and speak out on funding crisis

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    Exclusive: Patients at risk as doctors forced to work without rest at night


    Hundreds of junior doctors respond to survey revealing they are actively discouraged from sleeping at night Evidence-based guidelines produced in 2006 recommended doctors be allowed to nap to safeguard patients Guy’s and St Thomas’ FT sleep specialist says the issue affects all staff working at

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    Exclusive: CQC warns of 'significant risk' in newborn care


    CQC investigation reveals inconsistent practice and lack of guidance across NHS in caring for high risk babies Review was prompted by case of baby Elizabeth Dixon who died in 2001 NICE will produce new guidelines aimed at improving care which CQC believes will save lives There is a significant

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    Roundtable: How to tackle unwarranted variation


    How to reduce unwarranted variation in the NHS was the focus of HSJ’s latest roundtable

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    How to tackle the dearth of nurses


    Ben Morrin and Flo Panel-Coates analyse the cause and effect of nurse shortage plaguing the city of London