PERFORMANCE: Poor performance against C difficile limits led Monitor to consider whether Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation Trust was in significant breach of its authorisation.

The trust has breached its target for three consecutive quarters, reporting 70 cases against a limit of 55. However, the trust argues this is due to the use of a more sensitive test and believes only 30 of the 70 cases would have been reported under the previous testing regime.

The Monitor quarter three compliance assessment report presented to March’s board states: “The trust was considered for escalation at Q3 due to its C difficile performance.

“A decision not escalate was taken. This decision will be reconsidered following review of Q4 performance. The trust’s governance risk rating has been held at amber-red to reflect this risk.”

The trust also failed the four hour A&E target and warned it is at risk of failing the 23 week referral to treatment target.

The report said: “Significantly high emergency admissions have resulted in severe bed pressures and cancellations where RTT risk already existed.”