FINANCE: The Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation Trust has generated a year end surplus of £4.1m, £461,000 above plan, and missed out on achieving the full value of its £18.3m QIPP plan by just £261,000.

The trust underspent on pay by £369,000.

A report to April’s board meeting revealed cancer services over recovered by £1.2m It states: “Virtually all specialities within the directorate continue to over-perform; the main area is radiotherapy treatments (£382k) due to treating 13 per cent more outpatients than expected. Clinical haematology, oncology and stem cell auto Grafts [are] also over recovering (£309k, £302k and £308k respectively).”

Critical care continues to over recover with a year end £992k favourable variance, in part due to 79 per cent more outpatients being seen than planned.

Trauma & orthopaedics and surgery under performed finishing the year £729,000 and £435,000 below plan respectively. The report states: “The main area to under perform is orthopaedics (£854k) due to treating 509 elective inpatients less than planned for the year. This is partially offset by the speciality treating 270 more day-cases.”