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This channel was produced in association with Specsavers Hearing Centres. It is no longer being updated.

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Specsavers has been providing audiology services for the last 10 years and has over 600 hearing centres more than 400 qualified hearing professionals nationwide and dispense more hearing aids than any other high street retailer.

Specsavers began delivering audiology services to the NHS in 2006. Seven years on, Specsavers became the largest independent community provider of NHS adult hearing services Since becoming a qualified provider of NHS adult hearing services, Specsavers has completed more than 75,000 GP referred NHS care pathways and now provide a community hearing service to 110 CCGs, making it the largest provider of audiology services to the NHS.

Why should you consider Specsavers for NHS audiology services?

  • Convenient high street locations
  • Flexible appointment times, including weekends
  • Hearing assessments within two weeks of referral
  • A target of 80 per cent of hearing aids fitted on the same day as assessment, where clinically appropriate
  • Replacement hearing aid batteries available locally or by post
  • Up to three years’ patient aftercare, which is completed on a local basis
  • Feedback provided to GPs following consultation and recommendation for further treatment/investigation as necessary
  • Patient audiograms provided to GPs as required

For more information about Specsavers Hearcare services and stores currently offering NHS Audiology Services under any qualified provider, visit: Specsavers Hearing Services