FINANCE: South East Essex PCT’s contract with Southend UHFT is overspent by nearly £10m, according to the primary care trust’s board papers

The PCT’s finance report relating to February said there was a £9.6m overspend on the Southend Hospital contract.

It said this was made up of “year-to-date overperformance against the 2010-11 contracted levels of £7.5m based on the forecast model adjusted for efficiency schemes”; “settlements relating to 2009-10 in excess of levels provided at year-end (£1.2m year-to-date, full-year impact £1.3m)”; and “overspend on drugs estimated to be £0.9m year-to-date (£1.0m full year effect)”.

The PCT’s overall financial position shows a year to date surplus of £1.3m and a forecast surplus of £1.1m despite the overspend.