Is the foundation trust regulator Monitor becoming isolationist?

This week HSJ reveals that it is talking to private companies about providing analysis of trust quality.

Monitor attracted flak in the Mid Staffordshire scandal for awarding foundation status to an institution where receptionists were triaging patients. Its procedures are now tighter.

But its decision to consider private sector support in tracking quality raises important questions about its relations with the Care Quality Commission.

Monitor executive chair Bill Moyes has made clear to HSJ there is a possibility his organisation will go elsewhere for advice on whether trusts are up to the mark.

So there is a scenario where the organisation charged by Parliament with authorising and regulating foundation trusts does not think the body charged with regulating quality is the best source of advice on quality.

Having two regulatory interpretations of quality would be a recipe for confusion. The appropriate response to Mid Staffordshire is for the regulators to communicate and co-ordinate, not duplicate.