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A&E, RTT and cancer waits - July 2018: explore the maps

NHS waiting lists around England, updated for July 2018.

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Learning disabilities and autism added to long-term plan clinical priorities

The leaders of four clinical priority groups that will feature heavily in the NHS’s 10 year plan have been announced by NHS England and NHS Improvement.

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Trust ordered to review 62 day cancer target slump

A trust which has seen its 62 day cancer target performance slump to less than 54 per cent has been ordered to provide a report for the national cancer director Cally Palmer.


NHS England urged to axe ‘perverse’ cancer funding policy

NHS England has been urged to stop a “perverse” policy of withholding money from a £200m cancer transformation fund from areas breaching the 62 day target.

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Six trusts named as 'outliers' in lung cancer audit

A hospital trust is considering hiring more nurse specialists after being flagged as an outlier for lung cancer treatment.

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Exclusive: Stevens sets out 10 year plan priorities

NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens has identified five major priorities for the 10 year NHS plan due to be unveiled this autumn.

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NHS trusts sign multimillion pound China consultancy deal

Two “outstanding” foundation trusts have signed a contract with a Chinese real estate company to advise it on building 10 new hospitals in a deal which could be worth millions for the NHS.

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A&E, RTT and cancer waits - June 2018: explore the maps

NHS waiting lists around England, updated.

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Patients 'pressurised' into treatment to hit cancer target

Some prostate cancer patients are “pressurised into receiving treatment within 62 days” even where it is deemed unnecessary, according to evidence within a new report.

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HSJ Patient Safety Awards 2018 winners

The winners of the 2018 Patient Safety Awards have been revealed.

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Lung cancer nurses could be ‘fundamental’ to better life expectancy

Specialist nurses have been found to be “fundamental” in increasing the life expectancy of patients with lung cancer, HSJ has been told.

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Stevens outlines new funding commitments to MPs

Funding from the NHS’s new settlement will be “earmarked” for cancer programmes including prostate, lung and colorectal cancer, the NHS England chief executive told MPs today.

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Workforce warning as government makes cancer pledge

The Royal College of Radiologists has urged the government to fund more training places for clinical oncologists, following data revealing that workforce shortages are set to worsen over the coming years.

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Exclusive: Hunt pushes for big cancer pledge in new NHS plan

Jeremy Hunt wants an ambitious cancer pledge to be a core plank of the government’s new NHS plan, with senior figures pushing for the service’s £7.5bn cancer budget to be doubled over the longer term, HSJ understands.


Exclusive: NHS 'risk zones' suggest link between finance and mortality

New research has linked waiting times and safety incidents to the financial performance of NHS trusts, and identified 32 “risk zones” where people are more likely to die of preventable causes.

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Number of breast screening error deaths revised down

The number of women whose lives may have been shortened by an error in the national breast screening programme has been revised down to less than 75, health secretary Jeremy Hunt has told Parliament.


GIRFT: Outlier trust stops performing lung cancer procedure

A major teaching hospital identified as an outlier for thoracic surgery by a clinical audit has stopped performing a surgical procedure.


Hospital trust taking over community contract after specialist drops out

A hospital trust has been granted an interim, £36m contract to run community services in London for two years, after the incumbent provider said it would not bid for a renewed contract.

Breast cancer radiology

Revealed: Consultancy to review what PHE knew about breast screening errors

Consultancy firm PwC will review Public Health England’s handling of potential fatal errors in the national breast screening programme, including when concerns were escalated within the organisation.

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A&E, RTT and cancer waits - April 2018: explore the maps

NHS waiting lists around England, updated for April 2018.