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Labour plans ‘democratically accountable’ integrated care systems

Integrated care systems would become “democratically accountable” under a Labour government, shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth has told HSJ.

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5pc pay rise for NHS staff if Labour wins power

Labour has promised a 5 per cent pay rise to NHS staff next year in its 2019 election manifesto.

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Exclusive: Labour will be ‘pragmatic’ on private outsourcing

Labour’s prospective health secretary says he will be a “pragmatist” when it comes to routine NHS operations being outsourced to private hospitals.

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Labour voices ‘respect’ for NHS chief Simon Stevens

Labour’s leadership says it has a “very good relationship” with NHS England’s chief executive Simon Stevens, and has highlighted his record working for the party during Tony Blair’s government.

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Corbyn vows to create state-run drug company and seize patent rights

Jeremy Corbyn says a Labour government would create a state-run pharmaceutical company to make generic versions of drugs the NHS cannot afford.

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Labour: ‘No chance’ of government passing NHSE’s legislation

The government “has got no chance of getting” NHS legislation – as proposed by NHS England – through Parliament, the shadow health secretary has said.

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Labour to green-light all NHS visas

The Labour party would ensure work visas for anyone who has a job offer in the NHS “at whatever level”, shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth announced today.

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Government hits back in clinical waste row

The government has hit back at claims that there is not enough incineration capacity to burn waste from NHS hospitals - accusing the company at the centre of a stockpiling scandal of refusing to pay disposal costs.

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Labour calls on minister to 'correct record' over waste incineration capacity

Labour has called on the government to explain why it “apparently contradicted” NHS and Environment Agency officials’ concerns over the capacity of incinerators to burn clinical waste.


Labour plans safe staffing amendments to healthcare safety bill

Labour have threatened to table amendments to the government’s Healthcare Safety Bill if ministers fail to take action on three areas of patient safety in the NHS 10 year plan.

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Bill to protect staff from assault 'sends message' to employers, says MP

The bill to protect healthcare and emergency services workers from assault will “send a message to employers” to take incidents more seriously, one of the MPs behind it has told HSJ.

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Labour calls for £500m 'winter bailout fund'

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth will call on the government to provide a £500m “winter bailout fund” for health and care services.

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Updated: Labour would bring PFI contracts 'back into the NHS'

A Labour government would “bring” private finance initiative contracts “back in house”, the shadow chancellor has announced.

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Labour softens stance on STPs in its final election manifesto

Labour has softened two of its key manifesto pledges relating to sustainability and transformation plans, watering down the involvement of patients in rewriting them and suggesting the process will be reviewed, rather than simply stopped.

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Labour plans new NHS regulator, leaked manifesto reveals

A Labour government would create a new “safety and excellence regulator” to oversee a revised process for regional reconfiguration of the NHS, a draft of the party’s election manifesto says.

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Labour pledges moratorium on 'disgraceful' STPs

Labour will announce an immediate moratorium on sustainability and transformation plans if the party wins the general election, with shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth vowing to review proposals in all 44 areas.

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Election 2017: Labour pledges 'new law' for NHS safe staffing

Labour has promised to “legislate for safe staffing” in the NHS if it wins the upcoming general election.

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Heidi Alexander appoints new political adviser

Labour shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander has appointed a new political adviser.

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Heidi Alexander appointed Labour shadow health secretary

Heidi Alexander has been appointed shadow health secretary by the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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Exclusive: CCG leaders fear political priorities would come first under HWBs

A large majority of commissioning leaders believe clinical priorities would lose out to political priorities if lead responsibility for NHS services was handed to health and wellbeing boards, an exclusive HSJ survey has found.