FINANCE: The primary care trust needs to find £20m of extra savings to reach its end of year surplus target, according to its latest finance report.

This report presents the financial performance for the year to date position for the first three months of 2011-12, ending 30 June.

The PCT plans to make a surplus of £12.8m but is already £379,000 behind its year-to-date planned position of £3.2m. The report states: “The budget has been set and requires the PCT to deliver a net £59m of savings during 2011-12.”

It says the majority of these savings have been deducted from budgets but warns there is a “requirement to identify £19.8m of additional savings/mitigations to deliver the control total surplus of £12.8m”.

“We are working across NHS Sussex to maximize opportunities for delivering savings against this requirement including firstly ensuring risks are managed to the minimum before stopping all uncommitted spend, addressing the impact of stopping commissioning spend in commissioning areas and working with partners to develop plans to best utilise available health and social services joint resources,” the report says.