Our advanced subscription designed for NHS trusts

Of the NHS trusts which were given a rating of ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’ in 2022 – 34 have HSJ Membership with a further 63 having group access. There is no doubt that with access to trusted, unbiased, and reliable insight, your teams will be better equipped to deliver better patient care.
• Help colleagues recognise, mitigate, and manage risk.

• Engage your teams in solving the challenges facing your organisation.

• Gain expert insight to help drive transformation.
What are the benefits of HSJ Membership?
Manage and mitigate risk

It’s difficult to know what is around the corner, but HSJ acts as an early warning signal – explaining any change before it happens so you can plan ahead. You won’t get access to this level of information elsewhere. Timely, unbiased, and accurate, HSJ have unrivalled access to NHS C-suite and policy makers, giving you the insight track on what’s happening within the NHS at a national and regional level. In a time of so much change and uncertainty, HSJ can help you minimise risk and empower your leaders to make smarter decisions.
Improve care and efficiency

Using the tools that are exclusive to HSJ membership, such as HSJ Solutions – our best practice database, your teams can understand how other NHS organisations have managed and tackled some of their biggest challenges. By keeping abreast of the most recent best practice, with access to over 4,300 case studies, your teams can apply new models and ideas based on evidence.
Inspire your leaders to drive transformation

Effective leadership requires an informed team. With HSJ’s expert analysis, your workforce will gain the critical insight needed to drive change and avoid potential pitfalls. In offering HSJ Membership, you will be investing in your leaders, empowering your teams to discover new ways of working, and offer staff at all levels the tools they need to develop and grow within your organisation.
What’s included in HSJ Membership?
Membership provides your teams with a toolkit of services designed to keep them informed, help them discover the latest best practice, celebrate their successes, and benchmark your organisation and services. It includes:
Group access to HSJ.co.uk

Group access to HSJ.co.uk which includes all our award winning news coverage plus specific subject briefings from our expert journalists, candid interviews with NHS Leaders, interactive webinars, weekly podcasts and briefings.

which includes Expert Briefings, CEO interviews, webinars, podcasts and briefings
Access to
HSJ Solutions

Access to our best practice database, in which you can learn from your peers who have faced and overcome the same healthcare challenges.

- our best practice database
HSJ Intelligence

2 x licenses for HSJi so you can benchmark your organisation with exclusive content on every provider, commissioner and system in the NHS.

for your senior leadership team - our NHS benchmarking tool
A dedicated customer manager
to ensure your team are making best use of your Membership
Preferred pricing on recruitment advertising partnerships with HSJ Jobs
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